Purple ember evolution stones... how to get them?


What is a purple ember evolution stone? How do I get them?


you should either have a value pack in the ruby store that you have to buy for real money, not sure how much or if your Lvl is to high you can’t buy those pack. The best thing in game is to keep Ember at Lvl 1 since she has Deathgaze and can kill farms as a second dragon and just has a 20s heal time.


I have Ember at level 6 and he takes minimum 3-4 minutes to regenerate, indeed he is the best at level 1. I would not suggest buying his stones either, but you are free to do it. I think if you already have bred a green Dragon or something like that you can’t get Ember stones anymore in the store.


There is still a way to get the ember stone though.

*Note: If you have already obtained a Legendary Green dragon, but still wish to evolve Ember, you may obtain a stone through the following means:
Purchase a Value Pack of equal value and then “Contact Us” via the in-game Help menu to be granted the stone.
Purple = $4.99
Blue = $19.99
Orange = $99.99



If you unfortunately have ember level 6 I would recommend getting the next stone so he has cloak. That way u can do more stuff on some xp bases. So either level 1 (best!) or level 7.


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