Purple Rider Shards

Why spending purple shards not counts in troops / rider event ?

It should. Blue shards count :eyes:

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But it doesn’t state in the event rules ! I doubt :woman_shrugging:

I got points for them, 240k.

Really ? I got the opposite reply from the support :roll_eyes:

I did, with both Adriel (the previous event) and now again with Adriak.


Support honestly shouldn’t be trusted. Checking inventory is about it. You’re better off checking forums for game knowledge.


Thanks for your reply . Would love to post the support reply but don’t know how … :woman_shrugging::sweat_smile:

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Yeah I know about this game and blue and red shards used to count in the event points . Pg didn’t update the rules and they used to mess up something … with support giving me the opposite reply saying purple won’t contribute event points . Therefore question is here ! :blush:

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:joy: isn’t that sad and funny at the same time​:joy:
What an irony!
Forum contributors should get paid :money_mouth_face:

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