Push for the rune or chill out?

Hello guys. I am currently at the 199k milestone in the Gaunlet, and will have around 5300 sigils at the end of the event if i leave to grind points. My question is: would you suggest to push for 238k milestone for 800 sigils, and take the exotic lightning tower rune?

I know that there are a lot of variables to talk about it but let me tell you

  • I have a long island to max first, but i am planning to use lightning towers on a short island in the late game. This will probably take 3-4 seasons.
  • I got 438 energy packs and 430 inner fires, and i don’t want to open any chest until the second week of the next season.
  • I am a bit of short on chisels. I was thinking to pick Hauhezen and use the mythic rune of Galgrim for him, but i got only 85 now. I am fine with rune dusts.
  • I got a legendary and an epic lightning striker runes.
  • Push for 238k, you will use the rune eventually, and the chisels and rune dusts are good to go for.
  • Don’t waste your rss, you will probably find another rune for lightnings till then.
  • Don’t waste your rss, your runes are okay, and the chisels and rune dusts are not worth for 6000 sigils.

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Poll-wise, think single opt is better in this case

I would not push for this at this level, the benefit is too deferred and uncertain. Except the chisel benefit, but it bugs me that you’d be living hand-to-mouth for chisels at this level. It depends a good deal on how you’re set for pvp resources and sigils for the rest of the season.

ed: and how quickly you’re growing toward needing lightning runes. You never know how long lightning will be relevant and the further off it is the more I doubt the value of advance purchase.

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Yeah, this one is actually what makes me to scare to pick a rune, that i will use a few seasons later.

If only there’s an option for “go to 239k and decide later”

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I am guessing we’ll get other surprise branches still, too.

I do think Hauhezen will need good runes if you get him, but if you only need to remove one rune, you’ll get the chisels with normal performance next pvp anyway.

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Thank you but, that will cost me around 30 energy packs, and 50 inner fires. Maybe it’s not a big deal but i am a bit of anxious about the next 3 pvp events.


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