Push notifications broken

I would like to talk about something that’s been bugging me for weeks now. Apart from chat notification, I only get empty notification anymore.

I talked about it with a friend and it seems it mostly concerns Android players since the last big update. It really annoys me not knowing what this notification is about, and even the usual “solve-it-all” solutions don’t work to fix it, aka uninstall empty cache restart phone reinstall and so on.

I didn’t take time to dig all the notification threads there are on the forum and I hope I’m not creating a double but I really wanted to bring attention on this (non priority but annoying) issue which has been going on for weeks.

Thank you for reading. I hope this can encourage more people to talk about this so it can be fixed. I could create a ticket about it, but my best guess is that “the team is aware of the issue and is working on it”. :sweat_smile:

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i get notifications fine and i am on android, s7

I get the occsional blank notifications. Samsung galaxy s6.

I get mostly blank notifications on my Samsung A6 tab, and also on the LG phone. (Both Android). The following messages are visible, but can’t tell if they come across always or just rarely:

  • Your dragons are healed
  • War declared on
  • New mission available (certainly not always)

Edit: since 4.23

Maybe your @ messages are showing up blank?

That’s actually the only thing I have activated that is working…

I’m on iOS and I get notifications just fine

Kardul is saying it’s an android thing. We’re trying to figure out what the blank notifications are.

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