Pushed 3.71 update


What was it, what was added, I hate fooking secrets lol


Yeah crazy to get the message but nothing saying what happened


Preparation for Atlas launch




Where does one go to obtain this update? It made me restart the game but did nothing, nothing in Play Store either.


The update isn’t out yet. We had to block Atlas content for a few to prep the update, which is why some players saw that message.


so what about the on-going beta event? we lose about a day or so worth of troops (depending on how long it will take PG to update the beta list). And we will lose out xp for riders and primach… Lots of us lost beta after losing our primach (some take hours to summon…)

Please figure out some resolution here for existing beta teams @PGJared


Please create a thread in the Atlas subforum in regards to that and we’ll be happy to discuss.


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