Pushing back fort



There’s a certain play style to ace every event, No matter what :grin:. I woouldnt have mind if it was fort tbh, but i was glad it was pvp.


with three weeks left in the Atlas season, i would expect fortification - combat - breeding


What does the Atlas season have to do with anything in the Duskfall season?


PVP shields. I believe the rationale is people will be pushing for glory to finish the atlas season.


Yeah lol that’s what I’m saying


Starting a thread just to find someone to blame is a bad idea.
How about if that happens we blame you for giving PG ideas, would you like that?


If next event is not Fort, after i bit the MF bullet and made the best out this GD pvp…im going to lose. My. Ever. Loving. Mind.



I hope it’s not fort :grin::popcorn:

Edit: I’d love to see you and Mike going ballistic at the same time. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Im just gonna set my alarm for 3 days

injects bull tranquilizer


Forts next … should someone wake Hog? :thinking:


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