Put chest info back please

Can the chest drop info be moved back to user side? A helpful resource is gone now because this was changed.

Honestly as much as I want this back I am shocked that this wasn’t done earlier. I hate that its gone, it makes silver chests kinda a suckfest now. But I understand why they did it. Being able to pick resources, especially what legendary and mythic runes you would get out of silver chests, defeats the purpose of psuedo-random loot boxes.

Bottom line, I would love to see this come back but I don’t really expect it to.


Looks like because of this I won’t open any silver chests for a couple of years to accumulate enough of them to go through the whole circle. If I am still in game by then.


I mean honestly the best thing to do, without knowing the sequence anymore is just open them 100 at a time. That should only take 4 or so events and it gets you to go through the whole sequence, so that you are guaranteed a rune from the legendary dragon drop table.

I would really like to see this back as well.
PG, please make that happen.

And next time, when making such decisions, please inform (and ideally explain it to) the player base upfront.

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I don’t need 90% of those legendary drops xD only hunter and ammo and rage are interesting for me :sweat_smile: so an unknown rune for 100 chests is a waste for me. I better use 400-500 but if I know that I 100% get what I need.

To know 100% sure, you’ll have to open something like 2000 chests unfortunately.

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This actually would be great for all changes they do. Like the changed hammers and swords, little thing but they did not tell either. :woman_shrugging:t3:

That’s if we don’t know at all (like right now) is why I told I’ll be collecting them over many seasons (years?).
But if I know that a good rune is in 3-4 positions from current by looking in Orca’s drops, I know for 100%. Used it for good previously.

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I mean I am in a similar boat. I want rage runes, and Mythic Ice Flak HP, but am unlikely to get either if I open the silver chests. Honestly knowing the sequence was an imperfect solution to the problem of silver chests having terrible payouts. I mean the whole monument drop table could be dropped completely, its contents are all pretty irrelevant, and the number of times you get the legendary dragon drop table in the sequence should be bumped up.

I mean the way they are set up, to get something of real value means saving a 100 chests just so you can cycle through the sequence once. If you open them as you get them, you can potentially never see a legendary drop because the positions keep moving in the sequence.

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Actually, I worked it out. You got 2 legendary dragon drops per 100 silver chests if you were lucky to be in that spot in the bonus chest. Otherwise it was more like 1 legendary dragon drop per 100 silver opened.

Still not worth it. Only runes, mostly trash runes, and no glyphs. Why bother?

Please let us see what the drop sequence is. It makes actually opening chests a good experience. As of right now, chests are one of those things you have to open for resources not because you want to open them. There is no excitement in opening them.


This will certainly cut down on my spending when I don’t know if I will be getting what I need.

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I am just sad I didn’t realize saving up silver chests was important until end of last season. so now this is gone and all my peers had been getting mythic runes they wanted by the chart. and only mythic runes I have ever got from them in my 3 years are 2 mythic lightning. Makes it sad that I was saving for beginning of this season just to no longer have a choice.

I considered this as a reward for those willing to put in the effort and talk with fellow teammates and the community. Shows the dedication to the game.


This will be a backbreaker for my lower level alts who are resource constrained. Knowing opening gold chests would get me elemental embers vs. wood packs (or fire/ice shards) was HUGE. Maybe, especially with 3x lumber boosts appearing to be the norm, time to dump wood packs and replace with more useful drops (more embers, pearls, sigils)??


As I stated in another topic; I am much more likely to buy rubies for golds if I can see where I need to get to. Theres no way I am going to go into it blindly unless I have enough chests to determine the order prior to.

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If I don’t ever open any silver chests again… I wonder how many I could collect

I was able to get 600 the second half of last season with moderate
grinding on my main. Was planning on using the predictor to actually
get something good.
Personally I lived by the chest drop info and definitely wouldn’t have and won’t spend as much not knowing what I’m getting. As many have pointed out, with the diminishing value of chests over time, it was the only thing that made spending worthwhile anymore. :pensive:

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if only there was a way…

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it’s been close to two months now, no reason I can’t keep saving my silver chests :slightly_smiling_face:


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