Put Copy/Paste into CHATS

Since War Dragons is such a highly social game and since we are an International Community, wouldn’t it be a GREAT idea to put Copy/Paste into the Team and League CHATS???

It’s already in email and WIKIs. If it were in chats we could use one of the translation apps and copy/paste our way towards better international relations. Many in our league speaks Turkish, French, German, Russian etc. With Copy/Paste we could not only understand what they’re saying, we could actually participate.

NB: PG, please, if you’re reading this, do not dismiss this out of hand. Consider it carefully. It could be a GAME CHANGER


I agree 100%! Super useful for all of us :+1::sparkles: Dont know why it’s not implemented already :confused:

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I believe you already can do that. I use Google Translate for all the non speaking English players, it can be copied and pasted in chats (I just checked too). You just have to make sure that it doesn’t exceed 120 characters otherwise nothing will copy in.

Edit: I think you are referring to something else though now that I am re-reading your post though. Like copying and pasting a chat line from someone else. That is not possible currently, and I am with you saying that it would be a nice feature to have

Agree this would be useful.


I agree that this would be a highly useful feature. I even created my own tread about it back in October last year, which has since been locked due to inactivity.

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I can’t even copy and paste into messages on my Pixel, not sure why? can select all just never get a popup to copy/cut/paste. Lose selection if it press again (long or short).


This would definitely be a very useful feature it’s really annoying to translate things now it takes a lot of work

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