Put the special back into special offers!🍻

Where are the real special offers? Why not offer something everyone wants?

Just do it once and see if it sells? What harm could offering just 1 to each player do?


I would love to know why these never became a thing after the A/B testing. I know I brought them when I otherwise wouldn’t have spent.


I was never involved with a/b testing for the level up rewards or the 50k ruby packs, and it makes me feel discriminated against since others reaped rewards I never was offered.


This is the problem. We have a community that communicates with each other.
And when people are offered more than others, people talk. PG could use this for good, but it seems everything they have tried to send out to a limited number of players only reflects negatively on them when they (inevitably) take it back.

I am speaking to the rune removals, the A/B testing for packs, the level up rewards, the salvage shop for players that never made it into the actual main game, come on!

These were all good things that could’ve helped player retention. But PG can’t fix the bugs

Or they just don’t want to.

I’d buy that 50k rubies :joy:

It’s not special in the sense of “oooh look how amazing it is”
It’s special in the way that a teacher would have used air quotes to tell parents that it is “special”

That’s PG lingo for terrible

I would buy several, or combinations of the above, and definitely spend more… But that’s just me…1 Player

Just wait until you see 10x $19.99 pack with 15k rubies each


I would definitely buy one or two, even if I need to eat pasta and ketchup for the entire month. Priorities right? :upside_down_face:

Jokes aside I’d seriously be tempted :scream:

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Just to be clear, I’m not asking for the return of A/B testing but rather a little bit of sanity from PG.

We already have Daily Offers and they are all jokes. Why not push the $20.00 pack in with 15K rubies just 1 time and make sure everyone gets the opportunity to buy it? Watch the metrics. Hell, announce something on the forums that they are being updated. @PGawal How would this break your economy or be anything but a win win for the players and PG?

This one is easy. Candy, or no candy.


I had to look at that twice. A special offer that was actually special. PG, I would buy that.

What! How dare u all!
30k egg tokens and other worthless buffs are totally worth 99.99…

The nerve of you people :roll_eyes:

Sigh. When we said we wanted A/B testing removed, we wanted everyone to be able to purchase things at a reasonable price. People were even excited by it!

…and instead PG just got rid of the good prices for everyone, and called it a success because there was no longer A/B testing.

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No Candy. :confused::exploding_head::cry::cry::cry::cry:

I would think that offering a “special” that could only be purchased once would give PG an idea of how many people would be willing to purchase packs that offered value, without a huge loss in revenue earned from the players that purchase packs at the regular costs. It would also give them an idea of what could be achieved by volume vs. top end spending only.


Bingo. We wanted everyone to get the level up rewards and also the more valuable limited time packs. Instead, they removed them from everyone and developed the dumpster fire known as special offers that not only aren’t special, but are less value than a normal pack.


The daily offers were the response to the removal of A/B testing and PGs way of giving everyone “special deals”… except that the daily offers are 99% trash. I think I’ve brought one once because it only had timers in it (and it wasn’t the max priced pack) - and you know what? I’ve never seen it again. I remember PG trying to sell us on the idea that the daily offers would get better over time as they “learned” what people would buy. Clearly that worked… :roll_eyes:

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There actually use to be daily offers with sigils that weren’t a complete rip off so I ended up buying at least 5 or 6 of them when the offers first came out, but never bought anything else. Then they “intuitively” got rid of those packs and they haven’t been back since, and I haven’t purchased one since either.
Definitely isn’t the way we were told it would work

I wonder about an PG answer to this… And with answer I mean: “Thank you community for picking up on this. We have investigated into all of the data and gave it to the team. They found out that the real valuable packs were missed in the backlog and we are glad to announce that they will be released with postponed Update 5.05 next week.”

And then I woke up…