Put us out of our misery

I don’t even know where to start.
The game is broken and while it’s broken there’s new towers and tiers which make me want to cry as I’m facing the lvl 300 infinity war.
Then I see this…
All this does is remind me of the third class citizen I am as the privileged atlas get more time to score the things they need to widen the everlasting gap between them and I. If they won’t let us post in their threads why on earth should they continue to rub it in our faces by letting us read them.
My suggestion:
Every time an atlas thread pops up it ticks me off. I’m sick of the lies. I’m sick of the delays. I’m sick of hearing about their problems with how little they have to work with. I’m really sick of seeing the preferred treatment they receive. I’m still here. I still love the game, still not sure why exactly with the infinite dung drops, but I’m getting tired of it all. I still have hope but it’s fading fast. At least if you hid all the discussions from us muggles maybe we’d be more content with our droppings…


Get your team into Platinum if it’s not already.


Yes, it is upsetting that their season got extended, more time to get free stuff :man_facepalming:

But, even my chill team is pushing for Platinum :wink::wink::wink::wink:


Mute those categories if you must. I for one am GLAD that they let us see the Atlas stuff. Yeah, it’s annoying that it’s taken them an ice age to roll out Atlas (here’s to hoping Gox was correct in another thread that Atlas would be coming to platinum leagues near you by mid July).

BUT if they had those sections of the forums hidden from the pleabians then it would be an absolute slaughter fest for when they throw the uninitiated to the wolves. At least with having the Atlas threads open I can keep myself more or less up to date on the shit that’s going down in Atlas, even though I don’t have access yet.

Knowledge is power. I intend to use it to my advantage to hopefully mitigate mistakes made when I finally do get Atlas.


You can do that?!

Yeah. I have the recruitment categories muted.


:scream: 5 chars

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I pretty much read every updated thread in every category EXCEPT for the recruitment ones. I’d hate to wade through thoses, especially since I’m not looking for a different team :laughing:


Well, some in recruitment were funny :joy_cat:

But but, you should join us, we are in the same league and all :wink:

Back on topic, yes, I really really hope the chicken bones speak the truth and we are due for a rollout soon

I got enough reading to do without adding that category to my plate :laughing: I’m really looking forward to reading the 100 or so new posts in the tread about LC and invite banners being broken. I was caught up with that thread during my final break at work :joy::joy::joy:

:+1::+1: This


You know something…?
There’s been a vague hint from PG that has nothing behind it that I’ve seen. Speculation on the part of players which leads to the hope I alluded to in my op but that changes nothing about the emotional nightmare that posts like this one inflict on the people who have had their hopes rise and fall for two years…
Just think of the teams in plat1 that made the first list then got cut. How do you think they like seeing this after that fiasco. Granted it probably adds some good profits to the wine industry and big pharma’s anti-depressants.
As far as getting to plat, plat what?
Do the rumors include another quarter of plat1 or do they extend down to plat4.
If you have some solid insider info I would love to hear it otherwise it’s just an suggestion to go fight 5 wars a day in case something PG never said might just happen on the 16th.

Didn’t realize I could do this but it’s not really an option since I too plan to utilize as much of this info as possible since it’s there. However I would have less tendency to yell at my wife for doing nothing wrong if I couldn’t see it in the first place.
Hence my desire to see it vanish.

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Fair enough. I still think it’s way better than how things were on the old forums. They were supposed to have the section of the forums for the beta open so that non-beta players could read what was posted, but I was never able to see that stuff.

Yes, there are times when it’s infuriating to read all the perks and stuff that the people in Atlas get, but I do like that I’m able to read some stuff and have something of an understanding of how things work. Though that understanding will be a lot stronger once I can actually play atlas.


No comment on this(this doesn’t count)

For those of you without Atlas and have visions of Folks with Atlas getting lots of good stuff cheap, I feel the need to share something with you.

I have had Atlas for a month, really 5 weeks but I “rage quit” for a week so missed out on some prizes. I chose one Atlas season prize branch with the name of “offensive wind gear”. I have yet to complete even the first page of that branch and doubt I will get any gear. Even if I were to complete both pages, I would only get two pieces of “Elite” gear. The first piece of gear is halfway through the second page and the other piece is the last item.

There are five branches of each element type of gear both offense and defense and four “primach buff” branches as well, for a total of 14 branches.

I know Mechengg has posted the cost of the Atlas branches but I can honestly say, as a E2P player it is really difficult to train enough troops, kill them off to get glory (only way to get Atlas badges) and accumulate enough shards for riders, gear, etc… to accomplish too much.

Extending the season isn’t going to do squat for me. Even if I am around long enough to do a complete season I will be surprised if I can complete an entire branch. We shall see.

I think you all will complain rather loudly once you experience it.

edit - check this thread out… How much glory and troops to complete one Atlas season line?

Again. Atlas is a feature. It depends on how we used it.
If we’re chasing average prizes, Atlas gives a lot of advantages to us. Even the average prozes of Atlas is already a huge advantage, compared to non-Atlas.
Chasing for the best is the only reason Atlas becomes a burden (and isn’t that happened to Mega Coin too?)

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And how do you suppose the people who have had it 6 months have fared this season? Probably quite well since they’ve had that much longer than you to mass their troops. Then those who got it at the launch? Better yet I would say. Then how bout the ones who got it in beta…? You know them? The teams that own everything… Is it possible that they completed all the branches because they’ve been building troops for two years? Not sure If that’s possible or not but doesn’t this just prove the distance the gap is between you and them and you and me? I didn’t even get a chance at this season let alone everything else that comes with atlas. The complaints I foresee in my future will probably have to do with getting atlas to more people even after I eventually see it myself. Fixing the bugs so they can expand it to the whole player base the way it’s advertised. Atlas is a selling feature in the app description and I’ve had the game for three years and still don’t have what they are currently advertising.

I hear you. Just saying not that impressed and prizes are crazy high requirements for what you get in my opinion

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