Putting 3 account under investigation in less than a min

First i’d like to tell PG’s that what they did tonight is disgraceful, in less than a min they removed 3 account from the guild. That being said of course i understand if they did something wrong but it was fuc*ing low, almost as low as those who declare when a guild is down a member. You guys seriously need to do something about it… at least put a lvl 1 random account to replace the banned account. Be inventive, i’m sure there is something you could do…


So your complaint is that PG removed 3 accounts from your guild because they did something wrong … giving your team an advantage over the others or breaking some other form of ToS. Isn’t that anger a little misplaced because the ToS was already out there and the consequences are already known. The ones you should be angry at are the ones that are being investigated.


As i said i really don’t mind hackers to be removed i totally agree they should be banned but 3 in less than a min is a bit quick lol.

Yet again, misplaced anger. The team had 3, all 3 were caught and removed. Consequence of having an advantage in your team.


You’re right i guess. But they’re not even banned, only under investigation. We shall know shortly.

The progress made by a team in years shouldn’t be measured in minutes on basis of 3 members and they are still under investigation so telling them a advantage is low !

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Look at people who make mistakes and ruin their whole lives in a matter of 30 seconds. That doesn’t make a difference. Even if you didn’t intend to invite someone who broke the rules, it happened to you.

Yep Luci, they should replace banned account by a level 1 at least

Again this post was not to stop banning people, but to notify the team that xyz will be removed in few time or so, so they can arrange an alt or something. And they are still under investigation not permanent banned.

Whatever the case or whatever you’re asking for, you’re pointing fingers and spewing profanities at the wrong people. That’s all I’m saying.

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i get their point. they don’t want war to be declared when they are down by 3.:rofl::hugs:

That’s assuming PG doesn’t make mistakes, which has and continues to happen.

I don’t believe the anger is yet misplaced until the facts are known.

But what happens if it was done in error? How will PG make it right?

We all known there are cheaters out there, I have provided videos and SS of a few to PG, but yet they remain in the game… Super kelvins, gloom, invisible fireballs crossing islands, as well as airplane mode

Why not give the Team/guild leader and opportunity to remove them and replace ??


i wouldn’t do that if I were PG because who knows if others in team are colluded with them

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True Words ! Who’s against the ban of cheaters ? i guess no one, but making the whole team suffer due to few member isnt a good thing.

The whole team has seen a positive impact from it! Doesn’t matter if its through events, wars, etc I’m sure one way or the other the team as a whole has seen a positive impact from it!

So why is it bad if the team suffers some negative impact from having multiple cheaters (if they were cheaters) I don’t really see a problem here.

I do understand your frustration. I’m sure other teams are loving your team being down 3 members! And yeah that does suck! :grimacing: I would be irritated too! But if it is true you had 3 cheaters on the team do you really expect them to do anything more then just ban them? I wouldn’t! I would just take the losses in wars :pensive: and move on…Hopefully it gets better for you and your team :+1:


And a 4th is now gone :roll_eyes:

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I only see 3

I can’t find the thread but both PGCampusLifer (Security) and PGJared (PXManager) have both stated that PG cannot and will not give advanced notice to teams about upcoming bans. It would set a bad precedent and allow other cheaters to take steps to hide.

It’s not going to happen because it is not a good strategy to deal with cheaters.

I found it on the old forum

Direct quote
PGJared: “We are not going to provide advance notice that a player will be banned. There are too many ways that could be exploited.”

PGCampusLifer: “Sorry, it’s not a realistic policy to tell teams that they’ll get a warning a day ahead of time if one of their players is going to be banned. As soon as we determine a player is violating TOS, we need to act immediately. We can’t delay it for a day.”

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And I’m sure no one on your team knew they weren’t doing it🙄 no sympathy from me. Glad you finally got screwed like the rest of us

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Good riddance, suck it up and fight your way back. And all cheaters can go suck it.