Putting the WARS back in WAR DRAGONS

I have an idea for fixing wars. “Fixing” in terms of making them both more fun while also making them relevant to the game itself.

Wars should be costly. Outside of Atlas, losing a war should be akin to losing a castle. Stakes make competition exciting and give teams a reason to rally and grind out a win.

1 - MORE ENGAGING - Replace wars with a Mini Team Gauntlet. Both teams have 24 hours to rack up as many points as they can or steal points from one another when PVP islands appear (appear at 4 set times over 24 hours). Players can attack as many times as their energy permits, allowing smaller players to grind out points with or without a backer and allowing players from multiple timezones to log on when they can.

I would suggest not allowing mega coins. Make wars about teamwork. Give damage multipliers for attacking with a backer. Eliminate the need for leader to do 70% so bigs and littles can worth together to grind out victories. Set 4 energy resets and give each player 100 energy per reset to use as they wish on regular or super attacks.

2 - REWARDS AND STAKES - The first team to beat each island will earn a reward which will either stack or be stolen. Winning multiple islands first may also include a multiplier. These could be bonus egg tokens, crafting shards, gold, troops, lumber, timers - resources that will in turn help that team be successful in upcoming events. Beating an island first will also earn the team a slight damage or defense buff, incentivizing teams to work together to beat the islands first.

The team that wins the event gets a massive boost in rank and all of the spoils. The losing teams FLAG will be hung on the winning teams island or description (is this possible?) UNTIL that team wins it back.


Come on now, I thought we liked castle turnover lol.

A big issue with wars is they are very Grindy, you need to be around constantly to do them

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There are ways to do it without making it overly grindy.

Option 1 - allow for an equivalent of mega coin attacks for players who can only log in for a short while but still want to help

Option 2 - allow teams to decline wars for only a slight cost in rank. Team A declares on Team B, Team B says no and loses some rank and Team A gets bronze chests. Something like that.

The point of all of this is to have winning wars set a team up to kill it in events with all of the IF, timers, lumber packs that they need.

Also, if a team could be propelled up or down in league with only a few wars, then it would shake up which teams are in which league.

The brilliant part of the team gauntlet model is that it creates a somewhat level playing field. You don’t actually NEED to beat the biggest player on a team. You could just hit the little guy 100 times and still take their island.

This new approach to war would allow active teams of almost any player level to stand a relative chance against one another.

You could get rid of team ranking points and people will probably start to war again for a few extra egg tokens.


A war is just as much if not more about defence as offence; a mega coin for a war isn’t a great idea in my view.

For people in my continent we stay up late for war declarations, someone being able to say “nah” would be awful.

Edit: Should also flag wars are declared five seconds before war start.


Don’t need to apologize. Just happy to hear other opinions. :blush:

This will mean the bigs do all the work like wars used to be, littlies will just swap at the start and would be a big time drain on bigger players


But it would also allow for setup dragons like Hau to be valid again.


Aaaaaaand we’d be back to the previous system where teams only need 1 player to carry the rest. No thank you.

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To be fair, he wasn’t around for the previous system

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By all means tweak the suggestion, but change is needed. Right now wars are pointless. There is zero incentive.

My point was simply to borrow an existing model (gauntlet) to eliminate the need to do a complete overhaul. Wars as a tool for setting teams up to succeed in events feels like the key here.

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Well, for most teams, wars are used as a means of making sure they stay in the league they wish to be in for PVP events. So they aren’t ‘pointless’ in that regard. But in leagues where the aim is to get everyone on the team to 7 flame their target in as few attempts as possible, wars can be tedious, exhausting affairs.

Do they need to run for 24 hours: Yes, because that is fair for a global community within the game.

The major pain burden of wars is the need to watch the screen for hours on the off chance that your opponent will launch an attack against your team. This problem is even worse for those players who play on iPads, as those devices lack the functionality to vibrate at all, so the option ‘vibrate when invited to defend’ is utterly pointless on those devices. While those who do play on phones can at least turn that feature on and not stare at the screen until their eyes burn and instead check whenever the phone vibrates.

If PG were able to program an AI that was able to replicate the effectiveness of good defenders and have it so that war runs were defended by AI instead of having the need for active defenders, players would feel a lot less burned out at the end of the war. I know that I tend not to want to play the game at all the day after a war is concluded.


Tbf what do you see as incentive to do war? Coz it isn’t team ranking. Teams are more or less balanced in league they r in. More wars mean they would a) accidentally move up where they would be bullied in pvp, or b) bullied down by stronger teams.
We are already seeing this behavior in platinum, where teams declare war on one team over and over just to maintain that rank.

But if you remove the team ranking from prizes for war then it changes entire game dynamic.

So let’s not break what’s not broken ?

:thinking: Very interesting

For our team, wars are just a waste of time and rss aka hammers. We don’t gain anything from a war. 5 egg token and 0 ranking points.

I‘d rather spend 1-2 hours in Atlas for rewards, that are actually useful instead of staring at a screen for multiple hours to catch a defense banner. That’s just pointless in my books.

Wars were sometimes fun, but most of the times, they just suck. I‘m happy, wars aren’t really a thing anymore.


I can see why Dread likes the throne, and possibly gets boring in Diamond and maybe even Sapphire 1

What about combine the old and new system?

Allow 5 flames (as max with just the follower clearing the base) but automatically give a very small ranking points addition if the attack follows the new rules (maybe based on a percentage of what the battle allows for the winner or simply reduce the loss in points) and also provide vastly increased spoils such as egg tokens or something more valuable (maybe orrey crests or whatever they are or troop instant summons)

And under a tie, least number of attempts would still win the round (other team could reduce point loss for each first dragon 70%+ kills, and maybe even come out on top in terms of spoils) (any 70%+ wins for the victor would simply add to their points ranking; and spoils, and not take away from the loser)

Also don’t end the war as soon as 250 is reached even if unwinnable, unless a surrender is given (which would only be available if the other team scored max points and was unwinnable, also the surrender idea was just a random thought, definitely not necessary)

This has nothing to do with Dread. As a peon team in S2, we abhor wars due to the time suck they create and the fact that we would much rather be doing actual team things in Atlas like Dwarf said.

This is coming from someone who used to war almost every night and run said wars. At the time I loved it. Then I got on a team with Atlas, we started getting active in Atlas, and now poof! We all hate wars and would rather have fun. Simply put, the wars of War Dragons are now in Atlas rather than main game.


Now it makes sense war time is more often mentioned about Atlas not actual war. Well not always 7 PM and or any other time zone war time you live in.

They should do this. Or just remove wars completely. Make it so you can only gain/lose ranking points through pvp