PvE is really boring in atlas

Those who have atlas, mine gold from beasts over and over again. These pve bases have no challenge at all and boring. Can you keep these beasts and add new more challenging beasts which get stronger every time you attack them with realistic base setups and give more gold as they get stronger?


Yeah, no. The invader bases are fine as they are - no mages, no flaks, so I can just turn on auto battle, and farm gold without really doing anything. The gold amount is fine for me as well.

I’m not sure why you would complain about something that’s easy.


I think the beasts are meant to be easier than a real player’s base. If you don’t enjoy attacking over and over again use auto-attack.

I agree that they should be easy for players that fall behind in breeding, otherwise getting gold will be near impossible. I’d suggest like czarcastic said to just use auto battle. Invaders aren’t really the main point of atlas so I’d leave them as a means to an end (of getting troops and killing stuff).


If only the poster had said something like

They didn’t say completely get rid of the easy ones.


I’m definitely in support of this idea and the last suggestion by @DreadedSloth but as evident by that suggestion, it fell on deaf ears

They are meant to be easy. As they are not just used for gold and shards. But also for levelling babies.

If they were harder then the gane would become more of a chore than it already is at times. We have hard bases to hit in pvp and atlas attacks. So we need something that we can just autopilot while watching a film.


And what would be so bad about just ADDING a harder difficulty option on top of the easy crap?


Nothing bad, if it was an option. But, my question would be, why? If you want a harder base then hit players. People rarely defend in normal attack. So what would be the point of hard mode? Or do you also mean that hard mode should gain more exp, gold and shards as well as being harder bases?

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This but nothing significantly more. Just a small bump in it to make you think about doing it but not enough to make it mandatory to use

More just to improve flying and get our gold farmed at the same time if we don’t want mindless runs. In other words, make this game less “grinding” and more flying


Didn’t read closely enough originally, thanks for pointing that out :sweat_smile:

Even still I don’t think it’s necessary since the main purpose of atlas is NOT to kill beasts. Perhaps it could be a cool feature, but only after the lord important changes have been made.