PvP assist points

I’d like to be able to see how many points I actually account for in PvP. This would include those time when I follow a teammate with IF.

Not saying I want points for this. Just saying I want a running total of the overall points that can be traced back to me.

Ideally as an officer I’d like to see this for the whole team but I can see how that could be abused.


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Would also be nice to be able to check at a glance how many points we are worth when attacked (related to your level compared to your teammates’ level). There’s a way to check it, but it’s manual.

We can see the other teams point ranges, why not our own just for information, without any attack option naturally.


Really, how do you do it manually?

Also I know someone on my team is worth major points when they are attacked 80 bazillion times in a round… :joy:

You check your team member list and you can usually find out how much they are worth. The highest level in your team will be worth 125 pts, so in general the second will be 124 pts, the third 123 pts… I think if two or more players have the same level they share the same points but the next in line has less points.

Example: 2 players are lv 100 and worth 100 pts, but the next player lv 99 is worth 98 pts.

I think it works like this but don’t quote me on this, it’s just superficial observation from memory :sweat_smile: it just gives you an estimate of points your teammates are worth.


Awesome, thanks, that makes sense actually :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Or just have a friend from LC check for you

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You… Probably don’t have the same LC I do…

The mildest term I would describe it is “wild” in general, and would likely backstab you (aka farm you in event) if they realise you are worth mildly decent points.

So I am not sure anyone can find “friends” in LC anymore. Once upon a time it was true, but I’m not so sure.

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I recall top points last event being 130… maybe affected by league? I honestly haven’t paid much attention since I don’t control it.

It’s affected by what pit you’re in, higher pits carry a bonus. Don’t think any pit has 130 though, second pit is 131 as highest iirc.

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Thanks, honestly never paid attention. Just remembered more than 125.

That’s what I was going to say. Higher event tiers during Fight Pits give more points but the base points range from 75 to 125.

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Do they scale linearly by level? If you have the lowest level possible on a team, will it pull the point value down for the rest of the teammates? I never liked the point assignments in these PVPs, where max points on one team is a level 500, and another it is a level 200 (and yes, this happens in gold 1). Why not have all level 200s the same (200 is arbitrary, use league median as middle), and scale up or down from there?

Attributed points are relative to your teammates’ levels, not the levels of members from other teams.

In a normal team of 50 players, the highest level is worth 125 points and the lowest should be 75 points regardless of specific level. If the highest level is lv999 and the second highest is lv49, the latter will be worth 124 points, gradually decreasing for the rest of the team. The point value won’t be pulled up or down AFAIK…

As for your question why it works like this, I don’t know exactly. It is a rule within a team and the PvP events and I think it is fair for everyone, otherwise certain teams would have an unfair advantage in certain pvp like Gauntlet when two teams are arbitrarily put against each other.

However I’m just a rare quality moderator, I might be completely wrong about my analysis :sweat_smile:

@moderators please feel free to close this topic. It’s very far off topic and I don’t think my original idea will gain traction.

No problem. Let us know if you need to reopen it.