PvP Attack order

Please reorder the PvP target based on player’s level. :pray:

It will make checking target based on the score, easier. Also, makes more sense during PvP…


Isn’t it

Officers by level
Rest by level



Yes, but it is quite annoying for mid-levels to find players to hit when the opposing team also have mid-level officers so you need to jump from the middle of the list to the top of the list.

They really should just rank all players by size as leader/officers are no different from any other player in events so not sure why they need to be singled out.


I’d love it to either be highest points at top, and lowest points at the bottom or vice versa.

The leader and officers are displayed at the top of the team profile. There’s no need to rank them at the top in PVP events… it makes it irksome finding targets in the right player level range.


There are six :joy::joy:


Doesn’t make it less irksome. There’s no reason why they should be singled out at the top.


But it’s max 6. You are scrolling anyways.

Like I consider this a very very small issue.

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Imagine a team where the officers are mixed between giants and ants, and lots of giants before beatable target. That is one long list to see…

I agree its relatively small, but added on top of being dropped back to the map instead of the team list when you back out of an attack, its just another thing that grabs time.

I think that’s my biggest beef overall is the amount of time wasted due to buried menus, back option issues (back and exit are not the same thing) and the other myriad of, pardon the frank irritation, stupid ass crap that my teenage nephews are designing better in high school.

Compounded by the game kicking you back out to team selection so you have to scroll every single freaking time.


Was more so an issue with the 11 bases limit, even more with bonus meter where attacking top (or your top) 11 in sequence helped points. When the officers/leader are all mixed in it got complicated at times.

Why not just scout bases from the main game instead of through the event?

It’s still a pain there, limited to 10 per page and having to move through each page each time your look at a base can be painful, especially if you are looking at players 40 - 50… and again the quit it backs up to page 1 of the team list, not the page you were on when you were looking at a specific player.

Also the main game sorts by medals, making scouting for pvp ten times harder.


It also make scouting for a base to hit in a war run pre-declare a pain in the butt :sweat: I wish there was an option to show all 50 players in one list and to be able to sort them by level (in addition to by number of medals earned).


More along the lines of the bank ledger?

Bank ledger is arranged alphabetically :upside_down_face: which makes it easier to find who to send rss to. But yes, similar concept to that, but with player level.

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Guess I was more referring to the dynamic nature and sort-ability :slight_smile:

Find the best target, then attack it over and over. Whats the problem?

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I usually look at the base defense level more than player level.

I agree with many of the posters that canceling an attack takes you too far from where you were and is a BIG waster of time - for no apparent reason.

The other complaint I have is that you can’t just look at the base unless you have enough energy to launch an attack. As many of the lower level players ask for someone to back their attacks in PvP, it’d be nice to be able to look at bases and then mark it for attack and post the link into chat.