PvP Concept: Wildfire Draw!

“I’m going to sleep early tonight” is the lie I told my teammate and myself before I ended up staying up just shortly past 12 am to jot this all down. Slept on it and now decided to post this for community feedback.


(a card-game-like PvP)

The goal is simple: Be the team with the most VP at the end of the event to win.

The way to play this pvp entails team-scale grinding and coordination.

Each team has a “deck” of cards or ‘ultimates’. An ultimate will affect the tides of battle, ranging from simple dragon boosts to energy resets, or immunity from attacks among other things. The deck is the same per team.

To be able to draw or use an ultimate, a player must launch and succeed using a wildfire attack.

A player can hold up to 5 ultimate cards and choose whether to draw or use an ultimate. If they already have 5 ultimates on hand, they must choose to use one on their next wildfire or discard what they have.

It may be permissible to also activate an ultimate on a Mega attack but if you mega quit, you lose the card selected.

When an ultimate is used, it goes back in the deck and another team member has a chance of using it.

Since a team consists of 50 players, a deck has exactly 250 cards. Some will be more useful but less common than others.

Up to 3 duration boosts can be active for the team. Any additional will override the oldest boost (a confirmation message will be sent regarding this) OR extend the time of an existing boost that has the same effect.

Officer lock: Leadership can choose to “protect” one boost so that the next boost in line is overridden instead of the most desirable one.

The Ultimates:

  • Standard Fair / Common (120)
    (10) Dragon Attack Boost +10% for the team. Active for 3 hours
    (10) Dragon HP Boost +10% for the team. Active for 3 hours
    (10) of each +15% Attack/HP for each dragon class for 3 hours (40 cards total)
    10 of each +15% Attack/HP for each element (50 total)
    (10) Base Attack & HP Boost +10%. Active for 3 hours.

  • Uncommon (100)

(15) VP Passive boost, gain free 5 VP points every minute for the next 3 hours

(10) VP Passive boost+, gain free 7 VP points every minute for the next 3 hours

(10) Instant VP, gain 1000 VP upon using this

(10) Energy slash, All the team’s attack costs are cut in half for the next 1.5 hours.

Specialize A: Using dragon of a certain class will give additional 10% VP and personal points for 3 hrs (5 per dragon class, 20 total)

Specialize B: Using dragon of a certain element will give additional 10% VP and personal points for 3 hrs (5 per dragon element, 25 total)

  • Rare — 35

(5) Steal VP, All team’s attacks steal 20% more VP from other teams.

(5) Refresh, Reset costs to buy energy for the whole team

(5) Wild card, Can be any uncommon boost of your choice

(3) Wild card+, Can be any Rare card of your choice

(5) Dummy block: All your team’s bases become PvE bases worth 20 points. Active for 5 hours

(3) Incognito: All other teams cannot steal VP from your team nor will you be affected or targeted by their Ultimates for the next 3 hours

(1) Full neutralize: All teams except your own lose their active boosts

(5) 1v1 Tango: Force another team into a 1v1 round with your team for the next 3 hours, no team can hit either of you.

(1) Banish: Force 2-5 teams into a separate round where they have to duke it out amongst each other. No teams can hit them and they cannot hit other teams outside that circle for the next 2 hours.

(2) VP Leech: Choose a team that you gain half of their VP for the next 4 hours


That’s all, folks!
What do like/dislike? What cards would you add or remove? How would you adjust it per league given varying activity levels and rss availability?

Like I mentioned, it’s open to feedback!


Im not reading this but ty for the decent formatting


Honestly sounds fun. Much better than fight pits so its got my vote


Everything is better than Fight Pits


Sounds new and refreshing, just what we need!!!


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