PvP DP Based Scoring / Farm Bases

So obviously we’ve been down this road before. We brought it up, PG heard us and implemented what we all hoped would be a suitable fix. Unfortunately, it did not resolve the popular “strategy” of stripping a base of towers leaving only farms in PvP’s that rely heavily on attack times to win, giving a distinct advantage to teams that exploit this strategy can opposition to the intent of the game and fair play. So I’m back on this issue with a request:

Please address this issue with a better fix.

Original Post: PvP Farm Bases Advantage?

The generally agreed upon solution was to switch from level based scoring to DP based scoring, which resulted in our current system. And while it technically worked to an extent in that it reorganized the players by DP based point value, it has a fatal flaw: people can still remove their towers without affecting the amount of points their base is worth, so it doesn’t accurately reflect their DP mid event. Testing among the player base has demonstrated that it only seems to affect the player’s potential point value if they remove perches and gear, which is easy to leave up when taking advantage of this toxic game “strategy.” So essentially, the fix from two events back didn’t even work.

My proposed solution is to lock the bases layout in PvP at the start of the PvP event. The base layout could be modified in the core game screen for atlas and regular runs, but PvP runs should result in hitting the base layout that was locked in at the start of the event.

Simply put, it’s the only fair way to do this to prevent taking advantage of this exploit. There are some alleged drawbacks to this: you wouldn’t be able to modify your base based on replays during pvp. To those objections I would say: you could’ve done that outside of PvP.

Surely the way the PvP’s are going right now with this “strategy” is not how PG intended the game be played?

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Why limit it only for PvP? :eyes:

If you limit locking the base to PvP, this still allows people to tweak their base to respond to Atlas attacks etc, they could still make changes that they had intended to, still respond to replays, but it wouldn’t affect their PvP base. Which was one major objection I had heard when I discussed this proposal the last time around.

I mean personally I’m fine just locking the base altogether during the PvP event, as atlas shields are up anyway. But it was an attempt to address the concerns mentioned previously.

Is that what you meant, or did I misunderstand your question?

They did fix it. I tested it earlier and my point value dropped even though my perches werent touched

oh man. all this typing and it actually IS fixed??

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From what I saw, yes. I removed my towers, except perches and dropped to 74 points

I tested and it wasn’t fixed, just in the last couple hours. When did you test it, and when would it have been fixed? I don’t know when the last patch came out

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I tested it 2hrs ago

You test it again yet, Tooth :thinking:

all they have to do is put the drop on all the towers instead of the perch

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i removed all my towres nothing happened until i removed my perch and went to the bottom of the list was tested by ghostrider so they need to attach w.e to every single tower not just perch which i put on that post!

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Well I didnt touch my perches and I still dropped. So something funny is going on there


Justin and ghost tested and yes looked at my base thru wifes account to see if refreshed so pg must of did something wrong or its bugged

So either way, its bugged then :thinking:

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Random issue for some sounds like :thinking::roll_eyes: Have not tested it yet, when get chance will.

Its the same bug that has been there for 4-5 years. That bases dont always reflect basechanges. Change avatar or store / restore a tower usually fixes it.

Not referring to that bug at all. When I tested it, the bases DP HAD changed, but their pvp point value did not.

Totally different issue. This is where the PvP point value is based on DP but isn’t actually updating with the changes made to a base unless the changes include the perches. That’s not the intended fix.

Obviously there is going to be lag between changes made and the servers reflecting those changes across the board. That’s not the problem

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right i tested it completely and im far from a noob and know how to refresh account and i did also look to see if it refreshed and it was

So, you are claiming, with PGs trackrecords in mind (bugs 4-5 years old), that this cannot be sync problem between clients and server :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

yet i left towers off for a bit :slight_smile: its something that is not done right!