PvP DP Based Scoring / Farm Bases

Yea, I’m confident this is not ONLY a sync error between client and server. It’s definitely an issue with how they programmed the algorithm to determine PvP point value to address the original issue.

There are most certainly issues with the server syncing, lol. BUT, this issue is not the same. The DP will change for both the base owner and attackers, and it’s been left for quite some time without any affect to PvP point value. Alternately, if you change the perch the PvP point value changes almost instantly.

As much as I like to adapt a few things on my base during pvp, I would joyfully drop it for no farm exploit. Thanks for the testing and your post

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@Tooth i will bet you a beer, that this is a sync issue. Lets see if they ever fix it :slight_smile:
PG stores values for the same item in different locations. Reason for a lot of their most famous errors.
Either way, hope they fix it, as its a lousy way to win an event.

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Whoa whoa. No bets lol. All bets are off with PG :joy::joy:

But seriously I’m not saying it’s NOT that, just saying I’m not sure it’s ONLY that.

Either way, PG needs to fix it. Just lock the bases. That simple.

There are no “just” when talking PG :rofl:


I mean. If swapping your troops off a primarch in atlas while you’re under attack is a ban-worthy exploit now, then why not make using farm bases ban-worthy? Seems like the simplest solution to me.

Cue “wE’rE jUsT bEtTeR aNd MoRe OrGaNiZeD tHaN yOu” comments


Try changing portrait after making changes to base, just ruling things out, not sure if this would work in this case or not…

It’s not about my base. It’s about the base of others. People are exploiting this in order to speed up their attacks in PvP to win races to the end of an island etc.

Sure, changing profile pic etc helps your base sync, but this is about what others are doing to get an unfair advantage in PvP.

Yess, understand about the exploitation :roll_eyes: Was hoping the changes would have addressed it, but do not seem to have…

One would hope :crossed_fingers:t3: :man_shrugging:t2:

Would be nice if we got a reply from PG on this…

@PGGalileo you around?

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Well this change does nothing. Farm hitting is still beeing used. Teams simple arrange and plan with more hitters, 75p in 20s vs 125 in 2min.

Let me see what’s up!


I know this was a semi-joke/sardonic wink at actual and perceived organizational dysfunction, but this is 100% true! Nothing is “just X” when something is changed. As I mentioned in another thread, any change creates a ripple effect… some changes are wee stones that cause little ripples, and some are nuclear bombs exploding over the Bikini Atoll. And of course… everything in between.


@PGGalileo No offense but this has been mentioned multiple times since last pvp event, in multiple threads, that the ‘fix’ did not work and has not been acknowledged by you or anyone from PG until just now.


No offense taken! We are acknowledging it in tickets and I believe we’re working on it with the GPF, but we may not have noted it publicly on the forum (although, I feel like I have - but sometimes conversations/platforms run together).

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But as @Katz mentioned, this isn’t the first time the community has brought this to the attention of the developer, and at some point something has to give. Obviously we appreciate there is a lot of work behind the scenes to fix something. But there also had to have been ongoing work on this, and some kind of update needs to be communicated. I can’t imagine the engineers are sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

I do often wonder if when WD was purchased by PG from the original developer, if someone forgot to leave an instruction manual behind on how to work with the existing engine. Perhaps it’s time for a new engine to be developed and the game be migrated over to a next gen engine thats “easier” to work with.

But hey, who am I? :man_shrugging:t2:




Well played, sir.


Indeed. Very well played. :clap:t2: