PVP event defense rewards thoughts

Hello community,

I’d like to address an issue with the current event and many other forms of pvp events. I believe there is absolutely no incentive to defend in events and take part past using up your individual energy.

A way to motivate players to actually participate more is to give the player the same amount of points for defending that they denied the enemy from obtaining.

So let’s say 125 points is the reward for hitting a player in the pvp event. They use 3 inner fires and can increase the reward for the hit to 500 for a regular attack. There were 2 defenders and the defended the base with only 38% destroyed. Only getting 38% destruction would greatly reduce the amount of points earned for the attacker. Let’s give the value they received as x (as I don’t know the calculation PG uses in this scenario). So the defender(s) should get (500-x)/#ofDEFENDERS or just 500-x.

This concept would encourage much more active participation in events based on pvp interactions. Also it would give lower level players a much more efficient way to get event points rather than relying on bigger guys to back them for consistent points. Another direct benefit for PG is the fact that this would encourage players to maybe buy defense packs that they could use to replenish their hammers.

Let’s give players better rewards for defending during events. Just trying to help the game grow in a positive direction. Hope this idea sparks a large amount of interest among the community. I’m sure many teams would see a complete revitalization of player activity during pvp events, not having to wait on energy to earn points for themselves and help the team.

Please give this idea your feedback! Alternate ideas are always great to have! Best of luck to all and happy flying!


There is a reward for defending - they fail and it’s harder for them to take hexes from your team…


We have a winner!

Or you can not defend and not be a team player :man_shrugging:

What is it with the “gimme gimme” entitlement attitude of people nowadays?

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I’m sorry you seemed to misinterpret the intent of this article.

The intent is to get other players a better incentive to defend during pvp events.

If you have suggestions for that issue then please share.

Now please, “gimme gimme” some suggestions!

30,000 sigils every time you defend a teammate, successful or not. And gold chests, lots of gold chests. And rainbow evolution stones. And all the dragons that have ever been.

And real money.


I don’t know about others, but I don’t need an incentive to defend. I need some :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: hammers.

Edit: Don’t actually hate the idea behind the suggestion. Not sure why people in this community are constantly trying to shut down or dismiss conversations about ways to make various aspects of this game fun and rewarding. Anybody who thinks current reward for effort is great is insane.


Except maybe in temple raid, with only 20% of attacks being relevant…

But a few hammers would be a nice reward for a successful defense, regardless of whether it’s pvp or not. Maybe capped to never give more hammers than you used to prevent hammer farming parties.


That would be nice!

Wonder if it’d be worth tying it to what you did, and how well you succeeded?

Something like “recycle X% of consumables used that round if the dragon is shot down,” or even “recycle X% of consumables used during that battle if the battle is won.”

Then you wouldn’t come out ahead, but defending well becomes much less costly.


I know if I hit Dreadnought in PvP they will defend. That is what top teams do. The reward is hoping they come to LC to complain about losing a mega attack.

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For a long time it was always an unspoken rule of PvP events to NOT defend. If you really think about it you are literally throwing valuable resources down the drain. Also, we are all there for the same reason… points! How do you feel when you’ve been grinding out single event runs over and over to build up a WF or dropped a 100 Energy and 20 IFs on a Mega only for some overly ambitious twit to defend it like it was Custer’s Last Stand? Do the game a favor and don’t be a twit. Save your defensive resources for useful reasons like War defenses and Castle defenses.


Hahahaha. No. I don’t recall this as an unspoken rule, I recall it as a loud demand from people in LC throwing fits because their attack got shut down. Instead of asking people to accommodate someone’s inability to take a defended base, practice to become a better flier or hit a lower base if it’s an attack you don’t want to risk losing on.


Rewarding with defensive consumables would be great. Other than those of us that like to defend, it might not entice much of the population to defend. Maybe a bronze chest if you defeat the attacker. Might be too much if it encourages farming.


The “rule” is generally advocated for by the crazys in LC still in shock about their failed attack.

Most don’t defend in event, it’s more of a tradition than a unspoken rule.


I would agree to this, if and only if, successful attacks with defended bases would also get additional points. Say x2 for 1 defender and x5 for 2 defender and x10 if the owner of the base also defended. :man_shrugging:

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