PvP event for all, the gathering is purely FFA, no rules

Saturday at 3pmEST/12:00pm PST
The BadLands PvP zone Bamepira X 340. Y -170
Everyone who has a new primarch and wants to join in the fight come and have a good time, I suggest everyone use 1k troops on level 1-5 fighters or level 1 rusher/destroyer/seiger and you can move your home to an adjacent Safe zone castle to resummon and load up 1k troops again and fight.
Normal game rules apply, this is honor based and Everyone is encouraged to participate especially if you have never attacked in atlas.
If your too timid to risk 1k troops then bring 1 troop, the point is to energize the players and start to increase general knowledge of playing the game. I will be using 5k total troops, in 5 seperate waves of 1k each every 20 minutes. What happens will happen and i hope there is a good interest in this idea.

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