PVP Event Guides

Hello again! I am in the process of compiling event guides on each of the PVP events! I have a few available so far and the rest will be coming throughout this season!

PVP events all have a lot of similarities (spend more inner fires and energy packs than others to win), but also many differences in strategies to be most efficient with those valuable inner fires and energy packs! I hope these videos help you understand some basic strategies for these events to better maximize individual and team PvP resources use, time spent, and total score obtained :slight_smile:

Gauntlet PVP Event Guide:

Kingdoms Wars PVP Event Guide:

Fight Pits PVP Event Guide:

Temple Raid PVP Event Guide:

Other PVP relevant information

Raid Feature Details and Effeciency (and compares to MegaCoin):


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