Pvp event on duskfall second week(The fight pits)



Umm you do realize that previous PvPs were in the last season and wouldn’t have dropped any sigils you can use on this season’s discount? :man_facepalming:


I’ll add o e more thing
PG really have great intentions to make ppl happy,I can see it clearly
They analyzing feedback,which have been received on forum
But only 5% of spenders will login on forum
Huge ones
So we getting same problem again and again
Feedback,which will be really informative,should be collected from different leagues and different playing style ppl
(No discrimination from my side,just passing info)
But each player will have different needs and goals
And,when majority of responders have X playing style ,Y playing style will be pissed
We can’t make ppl,who spend go on Forum and spend their time here
They use to login,have fun and log off
So I think,they need to make AshenAlliance alive again
And add old members back to it + some new members
Usually,we all have same opinion about things in our team.
So it will be easier to summarize info from 50 ppl by one person.
Plus most teams are using line app,where you can make a poll if team have different opinions

Each topic,which we discussing here will have absolutely different circumstances and influence in different leagues
Sometimes,I’m reading topic and thinking “If they will do this,our tops will ask for refund or quit” at the same time it might be cool edition for another teams
So if PG will have all-sided feedback,they will be able to make a choice,which will satisfy most ppl(at least try it)

Elemental embers issue

Not sure if this is helpful to some, worked from mechengg spreadsheet.

Embers and shards you can get it from season dragons line, but not energy and IFs, except tiny bits from egg tokens boost lines.


Chest drops form this event
410 gold chests, 1360 bronze
Bronze pulls

  • sigils: 1875
  • Energy: 44
  • IFs: 77
  • Clocks (days): 47
  • Mystic Frags: 3
  • Egg tokens: 10,200
  • Pearls: 0
  • Heals: 311
  • Dragon Atk boosts: 272
  • Dragon HP boosts: 216

Gold pulls

  • sigils: 8875
  • Energy: 452
  • IFs: 685
  • Clocks (days): 357
  • Mystic Frags: 198
  • Egg tokens: 74500
  • Pearls: 4500
  • Heals: 320
  • Dragon Atk boosts: 600
  • Dragon HP boosts: 580


couldn´t disagree more. According to drop rates it is 20.76 per gold chest during Fight Pits and 20.52 per Gold chest during Fort. If you open 500 chests you have exactly 75 sigils LESS if you open during Fortification compared to Fight Pits! If you think those 75 more are worth it - good for you. For me it means significantly less sigils since Fort I can max whilst PVP I probably will miss out last and second last sigil drop!

@Morreion it´s not only the 500 but also the 600 sigils I will be missing out - that´s 1100 in total. Whilst (see above) the difference sigils from fort to fight pits is almost insignificant. Not to mention the team reward… So I congratulate you if you have the issue of overachieving 15.5k sigils!

Talking about last team reward: could it be that they got reduced? 30k points of 40 members seems actually doable…


Do you need to max the event to finish the discount line? I will finish without maxing the pvp, so achieving higher sigils would not have helped me, while the pvp drops will help me with rest of season.


Okay the point I was making is that opening gold chests gives enough sigils to make up for not getting all the sigils from fort event AND you get pvp items. You actually would get more sigils from opening chests during pvp than from completing a fort event. AKA you get to finish discount dragon. Maybe I’m not articulating myself very clearly. If so, I apologize but the point of opening the chests is to get PvP resources AND effectively double the value of the sigils you pull. It sets you up better for the mythic than a fort event would.


I’d prefer getting IF and EP rather than make a collection of useless ice and fire shards. It’s a big yikes for me everytime i see the legendary shards. Even the black pearl also got me tilted but I’m okay with pearl. I need embers actually so i gotta open some during next forti event


Anyways I will drop the topic now - nothing we can do, nothing we can change.
Again I am happy for all those having an event at the time giving them personal best outcome of opening chests.

@ryathe good post! You cracked an unspoken assumption. So yes, I will have issues finishing Cav because of that. Same point as @thatsCrazey mentioned: it depends a lot on HOW MANY Gold chests you will open. I didn´t hoard 500… just barely 100. In that case event sigils are easier to get then chest sigils… if you have more chests it is of course different.

Thanks to all for a good discussion.


I opened a lot of gold chests, I have to finish Cav this week as many of you, but the amount of sigils was terrible. Oh yes, lots of inner fires, but I am afraid I can only reach to 450 sigils price. If I reach the 500 will be a miracle.
1.2 sigils team rewards? Bua, forget about it, this event is so hard, we would get this such amount of sigils in FORTIFICATION. :woman_facepalming:


People just do it wrong… If you open in a pvp event your stuff and have much stuff after it … you can buy every round 100 energy for 10 packs, and when you have time you play for…

There is no way that someone will earn that way less than 30k , what is need for 1,2k sigils.
The thing is… often most are just not that smart, and overact…
I have less time , and have overcome that line, but when someone isnt active, and isnt well using there chests, that is how it is.


Uugghh, I am so tired of not getting full credits in points for my wildfire attacks. What a waste of inner fires.


Care to explain more?


Did my wildfire and used 5 inner fires that’s with donors, I got 859 pts. The base I attacked start off with 139pts.


Hmm - I hope you screenshot? Send in a ticket.


Unfortunately I didn’t, should have learned the first time it happened. I didn’t even get credit.


I am down 100 bronze chest atleast and the few chests i do get I don’t get the reward from opening them had planned to hit last prize this event but cutting my losses and stopping at 88k points so i feel your pain oh and a ticket wouldn’t do much good i filed 1 with the ss of what’s happening and got some b.s. message back saying there was no problems reported with the event.


Same problem here, ipad pro.


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