PVP EVENT, Teams already promoted

What kind of glitch is this, that teams already got promoted ?!

Yes, D1 is effected also. @Arelyna @Crisis

Thanks for the heads up! We’re looking at it right now

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S2 has this happen too. Beautiful start PG.

@Arelyna can your team look into fixing this somehow? Move everyone to same pits and reset team scores to zero?

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We’re getting defense banners already before treasure hunt ended. Teams are already ranked with different vp

P2 was affected, we were all ranked with points none of us should have gotten.

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This is some whole new mess up lol

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same in gold 1. Promotions handed out 6 minutes before round start. Now all teams in bottom two pits.

Lol always something wrong

So what are we supposed to do? Attack & risk points not being counted, or wait til issue is resolved?

Round 2 is the start of event :joy:, I’ll just wait till they fix it and revert everything to a new start.

I’ll just go back to work …


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I already used my stuff. :sob:

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How about you just give everybody all the prizes and we have a fun weekend?


So now I’m curious if the points that people got will remain through the restart or not. People already have wasted energy and inner fires.

I need a rollback or my 2 IFS refunded please.

That would go a LONG way toward Player Happiness Initiative!

Event is over according to team quest lol hope it’s not a waste of points :joy:

Are you aware that taking the event down seems to have removed the shield from at least some teams in Atlas (my own team among them)?

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