Pvp events and atlas events

So PG my question is involving both atlas and regular pvp events!

you say it is a 5 day ban for storing towers during pvp but WHY not for glory swaps and castle guards?

both are done to manipulate the game reasons being

1.Atlas events from swaps get maxed!
2. gear timers shards eggs get from atlas prizes
3.boosting your glory is tech cheating period
4.manipulating the games features to get good troop revive back and great prizes on both atlas prizes and seasons!
5.Boosts players which boosts teams defense!

  1. pvp events give prizes as does atlas
    2.pvp events give timers dragons etc
  2. boosts teams

so my question is WHY only block on pvp events and not throw up the pvp block period in atlas during pvp many wonder why atlas is dead and boring well why are you allowed to store towers for glory swaps and castle guards during pvp?

@PGGalileo @PGEggToken can you please get me the answer to this very question

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Don’t forget also:

  • removing towers to do egg/timer missions
  • removing all dragons from roster leaving only ember for egg/timer missions and for farming bronze chests

Ahhhh… Almost forgot… Ban also players from being in a pirate team :man_shrugging:

I think personal swaps between players are not a bad thing. But Guard swaps i agree, the main part of Atlas Teams only does Guard swapping every 2 weeks during pvp, store marshall base. They never go hunt glory all guards, and this part should be closed.


its a serious question there are xp farms for missions but all honestly the rules are kinda contradicting one another you see what im saying if your going to ban tower storage why allow the other? it boosts ranking for each event to

i agree you should not be able to turn off the shield during pvp its abusing the game features as does storing for temple raid

if they wanna swap cool swap dont store find someone you can fight and beat UNDEFENDED!

Yes with Pg rule i gave advice out to our whole 5ta to not store towers for swap glory.

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as long as your hitting towers your dragons are ment for you would have no problem clearing undefended period

but my question is why is it not allowed in pvp but is for atlas on storing towers! and i would like a honest answer from pg themselves

That’s the problem… You guys are trying to take advantage of the bans for that bad ethic of farm bases in temple raid to get more bans for other stuff that you don’t like or don’t want to do… If PG mechanics allow it, they are the ones that have the power to change it… Changing the current mechanics

Would be so easy to code…if Pvp=true…can easy this way block ability to kill guards during pvp.

thus is the reason i want to know why it is allowed for one and not for the other its contradicting if your going to allow it for atlas events prizes and glory why are your banning for all pvp and such makes no sense

That I can agree with you… Bans aren’t the solution…that’s the easy solution they found without needing to change the code :man_shrugging:

guard swaps was never intended period which its manipulating the game features as guards are suppose to just protect castles from being taken which a feature being used is a cheat and folks wonder why atlas is dead

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Thats why they should add it in the code like i said…
If Pvp=true…

im really hoping pg really comes to answer this question because im confused as your allowed to store for atlas glory which boosts team and players 90% revive on guards costs nothing to get them back and get every atlas prize which boosts there atlas events! and global ranking which is the same as boosting in pvp events

Majority doesn’t read forum, now I can imagine when bans start and we start having another wave of people quitting game due to this hard rules from PG :man_shrugging:

they sent out a email which as stated many do not read pg emails and they have to be reported period to be banned! i said also should add a pop up as most can see that also so there will be no excuse

Does this mean that clearing enemy off a castle during PVP by dropping shields is also abusing the game play?

There are some that doesn’t even read team emails :sweat_smile:

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clearing off a enemy is different then having a alliance member on your castle someone on your castle only prevents guards nothing else which the shield really does not need to come down for as if they wanted the castle multiple will be there and keep coming

clearing enemy is not abusing many know what i mean guard swaps is what i mean

correct that is why i stated a pop up like the survey ones they do as soon as you turn on game many read that!