PvP Events and Energy

So this may have been brought up in the past and i dont see a suggestion forums anywhere. If i missed it, sorry please tell me where to go.

So, I love Fight Pits. I like its setup and i also like that energy resets are every 6 hours. So i can stockpile energy if needed or whatever. It also does not feel like a grind.

The new event we recently had, Kingdom Wars, had a 24 hr reset. It felt extremely grindy. Maybe thats just me. But most events with the 24 hr reset, aside from KotH (which also had a raid button), feel this way.

Can we see what effects there are if we increase the time between energy refills? Will this make events feel less grindy? Has this ever been tried? Maybe every 12 hours?

I apologize if this has been brought up before or there has ever been an answer as to why it is the way it is. No need to crucify me, i dont live here on the forums. When im in game im in the game, not here.

If anyone has helpful info, thanks in advance for it.

@mechengg what was the prize tiering this event vs kingdom wars? I feel they’re quite similar but I may be wrong.

Honestly about 5% different

Fight Pits Spreadsheet

Kingdom Wars Spreadsheet

So in affect you can get 4x more points this event vs kingdom wars… :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:

@DragonPunch @PGSqurl something to consider for next kingdom wars. Too hard to get points as it stands right now.


I agree. That event is in desperate need of a bonus meter as it stands. I don’t mind grinding… so long as it’s actually worthwhile to do so. The bonus meter (when we had it) made grinding worthwhile.


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