Pvp events possible points for defending


Talk about the latest weekly events and Seasons in War Dragonsafter completing the last event I’ve had an idea that will help make the lower end players a little more invested I’m wondering if a point structure for successful defenses of yourself or a teammate could be put in place so as to help the players that are just starting or that are in the middle game more points. As right now it seems to me that most of the points go to the players that are somewhere above level 80 and up I think this would be a good step in making the bases and defending relevant again just a thought



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  1. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Who get the points?
  2. How will the point be distributed?
  3. As the most effort goes to the base owner, what will happen if the owner doesn’t defend?
  4. Will it raise the prize threshold?
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