PvP Farm Bases Advantage?

Curious if PG is planning on doing anything about teams that are using farm bases to race in PvP events where time matters like Temple Raid?

Ex: Team A wants to finish the PvP round faster so they have Team B store the defensive towers on on of their bases so that Team A can shorten the duration of their attacks, gaining an advantage over other teams competing for the same island. On the next round, Team A does the same for Team B

Is PG Going to disable the ability to store a base like this during pvp? Or perhaps change the amount of time before the base refreshes the storage changes?

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I’m just curious if this is an intended mechanic, or is this an exploit? Is this something the community thinks is ok? I personally think it’s exploiting a poorly designed mechanic, and gives an unfair advantage to teams that use this strategy. But if it’s something PG doesn’t care about and thinks is ok, then cool :man_shrugging:t2:


Why is it an advantage?

The other teams can also attack that base right?

This issue is resolved if points are not assigned by Base Level, but by the Defense Power.


First teams used it where on D2 and lower, but it got brought also into D1 lol. Cant lie farms are easier :nerd_face:

They could, if they knew which base. But you’d lose precious time trying to figure out which base is being used to coordinate this ahead of time, and it’s typically done shortly before the round starts. In TR, that amount of time to find the base is precious and would mean the difference between win or loss. The better question is why not just play the game the way it’s intended? People afraid of actual competition?

That’s a GREAT solution.

100% and tbh I really just want to know if PG wants this to happen or not. So many people are griping about mega alliances and cooperation among teams, and unintended advantages in the game, but those same teams turn around and take advantage of a poorly designed mechanic.

Farms are easier, but if it’s something PG doesn’t want to occur they need to fix it to maintain fairness and integrity in the game, or they should say they don’t care and let us all be lazy I suppose :man_shrugging:t2::joy:

Probably because PG doesn’t make it rewarding enough to play it “as intended.” And it’s been said multiple times in various other threads but PG needs to utilize more carrots as an incentive for certain behaviors when it comes to playing. There are currently too many sticks being used as punishments to disincentive behaviors.


Only problem is people can keep opponents from being able to earn points off them. Had people doing this when Team Gauntlet based points off tower HP :sweat_smile:

I only see two solutions, easiest and laziest would be to show defense power in the event screen and let us sort bases, or remove the abuse all together and lock bases during the pvps where this can be abused.


It would be fun to hit those compressed bases in atlas … but alas those pvp shields …

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Every pvp is mainly about gang up there politics on Atlas to main game. Thats why i like Gauntlet, everyone is a enemy.


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