Pvp island bug!

Really PG?!!! Fourth time fighting PVE instead of PVP
What’s the point of PVP if team not stealing any VP?

I don’t think you actually steal vp, it’s just a bonus for finishing first. but I could be wrong.

Pve gives only the points of island and 0 stolen vp!!
It’s not a bonus, 4 times dropped team rating in division to 24 so I don’t see any bonus in here !!

25 is an odd number. So yes, 1 team at a low score will get a PVE island. Would you prefer nothing to appear?


No, however it happened to us this event. We submitted a ticket, still waiting for the resolution.

Do better in the event and don’t end up at the bottom of the rankings in order to fight another team

We were 9th when it happened, so far from bottom.

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