PvP Island, win and lose at the same time?

We had a very close fight on a PvP island during the gauntlet event
As you can see in the screenshot, we managed to lose the fight but also liberate the same island in a span of a few seconds.
Is this intentional if the last wining runs were

done at the same time?

Mine and another team was done 4 seconds apart

Yes. This is intended. You lose a couple of seconds before you defeat them. First team to win gets additional points. If you defeat them afterward you still get team points but much lower.

:thinking: I get a feeling you don’t know how pvp in this event works.

Both teams can earn points as long as they beat the island before the time limit (3 hrs). However as already mentioned the first team to finish gets extra points. Hope this clarifies.

Thanks. This is clear. I did not knew both teams can get points.
Please close thread.