PvP islands missing from Event


Well the countdown came and went, we received no PvP island.
Just a new countdown.

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did you exit the event page and come in?

What league are you in? Possible that the enemy that appeared used mega attack (or the notorious mega quit attack) if you are in higher league (as that is usually the behavior in the upper league)

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Doesn’t matter whether the enemy destroys it or not.
PvP island should be up until our team destroy it or duration ends.


We have no “An enemy island belonging to…” in team chat… another team in LC making same comments. No change in points… nothing.


What league are you in? Is the league full?


P1, yes the league is full (just went and double checked no one disband while I wasn’t looking). Help ticket being forwarded… so bizarre.


Now we got the same. Neither we, nor the opponent we were waiting for, got the pvp island…
Bad timing, as there are not too much pvp battles left.


We had the same happen last pvp round. I saw the pvp island, attacked it, and it bounced back all of my items and the pvp island was missing. We never defeated it and never scored points for it - it was just gone.

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