PvP issues with attacks losing energy and inner fires

During the past few PvP events the game is freezing when I do a mega attack and super attacks. I wait for 2-5 minutes waiting for the invite teammate screen to pop up and end up having to restart game. When I restart game it’s counting as a loss causing me to lose my energy and inner fires. On top of that I can’t even submit a ticket thru settings because the game restarts every time I hit help. What is the issue. I’m getting tired of losing energy and inner fires without even being able to do the attack. Get back a with me and let me know something before event is over would be nice.


Try putting in a ticket here.


What phone/tablet are you playing on?

I’m on Samsung galaxy s6 edge plus. Pic shows time and who I attacked. That is after I had to restart game because in never loaded attack. Time was 6:27am central time U.S…

Galaxy s6 edge plus

seems to be a disproportionate amount of issues with Galaxy phones and WD. I actually went from one to a Google Pixel and now have a much more pleasant and stable experience. Not perfect mind you but definitely better.

I love my pixel and I don’t work for Google.


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Also have issue with trying to submit a ticket in game. When I tap on help game automatically restarts.

did you try the link above from a browser?

Trying it now

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Pixel buddies

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Plus project Fi is pretty cool for my service. Seamless worldwide travel, great coverage and pretty cheap.

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