PVP Mega Coin Concept

Okay, I know I shouldn’t be doing megas in Temple Raid, but this was the only one I was planning on doing this entire event, and it was to get a head start on Talariok since breeding gives crap payouts of sigils.

With that being said, I’ve noticed something with the concept of mega coins. If you finish a mega run, and your team has done everything before you already, you get refunded (yes, I knew that), but when you’re refunded, you get back your inner fires and everything else except the actual energy you used to do that mega. It would be nice if along with our consumables that we used, we could get our energy back too.

Your mega coin is in your inventory


Mega attack uses Mega Coin, not energy. Therefore, the refund is in Mega Coin, not energy.

(although Mega Coin can only be bought using 100 energy + 20 IF, along with it’s energy pack/ ruby conversion)

Whoops :see_no_evil:. Thanks @FieryxFury


20 :eyes:


Oh, thanks. I was scared for a second :sweat_smile:

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