Pvp points aren’t counting (again)

@pgjared pvp points aren’t counting again. It could be other points too, but I haven’t tested it. I don’t want to lose energy. I know this is technically a “repeat” post from the start of event, but it’s become an issue again.

We just had a freeze out on our island with ForsakenGenius. Both teams doing attacks but the HP had a serious issue where no attacks were counting. All energy was refunded later, but inner fires lost.

Sorry. It was just SUPER delayed. They eventually went through. The entire league was having the issue.

Mmhmm. Mega coins and inner fires still lost though.

Yup, you’re right. Some teams still aren’t “fixed” yet aka points still aren’t registering…

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The fix isn’t a team-by-team thing, but that said our engineering team is looking into this.

Thank you! I know it was frustrating for most to not see the progression.

our pvp worked good. D1 here :thinking:

Issue seems to have resolved itself. Plus, all attacks went through. I had a ton of summaries to clear

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