Pvp results and points not awarding

There is something not working correctly with the event. Pvp battles are ending early saying we’ve lost yet we still are seeing event flags. We’re getting stuck with blackblood pvp often and no victory points stolen awards…something is definitely off and it isn’t our activity it is the event itself.
Is anyone else having issues like this?

Due to the speed that pvp islands sometimes go down, you will still see defense banners even after the attacking team has completed the island. Any in-progress attacks or attacks from players for whom the island screen hasn’t refreshed after the island is defeated will still be able to proceed, but the attack will be refunded (no points awarded).

What is your current ranking in the event? If you’re seeing the PvE island multiple times I would guess 24th or 25th? Since there are an odd number of teams in the league, the team in 25th will be paired up with the pve. In order to break that cycle, will need to climb the ranks a bit (try taking down more gustav islands to push your rank above others in your league).


Uggghhh yes we are but the pvp bot keeps us crushed down there. The thing is awful. Thank you for your reply

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