Pvp round did not populate

Currently in saph 3 league. The entire (sub) league did not have a pvp island populate when the timer finished.
Any other leagues having this issue? Or is it just us?

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wow this is new , pg needs to compensate a lot of things to us , hope that there will be a decent compensation for all these issues .

I do not believe pg has ever offered a decent apology gift for any issue they have ever had.

We are only getting this (S3 team): what that means?

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There are 25 teams per sub league. Only allows for 12 matchups in this event. The 25th odd team out gets an AI team to fight.


Typically teams that are in 25th, 24th or MAYBE 23rd place end up getting paired up with that odd PVE team since the leagues are 25 teams and if there wasn’t a PVE team then one team wouldn’t be able to earn any PVP points for a 3 hour round.

So I’m this way the basically push team in rank 24-25th to remain on last place giving a bad pvp opponent which gives too few pts

Few? You can hit a level 124 for max points.


and you also secure points unlike others who will compete who is fast enough to destroy their mega coins.

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This is the pts from this pvp

And those are the pts from attacking a Gustav isle

I don’t feel to be lucky…

They did when i first started over 500 rubies n much more

Because ur not including island bonus hard base lvl n a few others if u did a single run u will see pvp higher


1640 pts with super attack 3 drags and 3 IF

2065 pts in the same configuration against a normal pvp base.

So it’s about 20% less pts :frowning:

:smirk: next pvp ill post 1 inner fire max points. Then ill do big island 1 fire. N post u the results

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