PVP shield down and no castle guards. FIX NOW

Castle guards are not out yet. So the only base defense is primarchs. The PVP shield is down and there is no way to defend a base unless primarchs are there. This is absolutely ridiculous. PVP shields need to be up until castle guards are released so you can defend your bases. What a joke.

You can instantly walk into any base now and claim it if a primarch isn’t there. Even if a token primarch is there, you can kill it or attack the base and claim the castle.

PUT THE GOD DAMN SHIELDS UP! Honestly. This is a joke.

@PGEggToken @PGJared

So all of our garrison troops were removed so any castle is completely vulnerable.

Have you tried seeing if pvp is possible?

Yes it is.

Yikes! That’s pretty scary! Thought we had til tomorrow?

Shields are being reactivated until tomorrow. It’ll take a little bit to deploy, but we are on it!

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Will Atlas be reset to the state it was at prior to the shields being removed? We lost 4 bases that previously had enough troops to activate the shield. 1 primarch just hopped in and clicked on the base to take it. That’s bull. Maybe we should hop on and take some level 4 or 5 land quick by killing token primarchs defending the base and clicking Conquer.

The shields didn’t really matter since pvp is disabled still🤷🏼‍♀️

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No it isn’t. We’ve stolen like 8 castles and lost 8.

Now they are are up. But there was definitely a period of time when they were down.

We’re looking into ways of returning ownership of these castles to their previous owners. Apologies for the inconvenience!

We were warned :man_shrugging:

Thank you. A few things I would like to add:

  1. Teams lost infrastructure and gold because of this.

  2. When castle guards become live, you should give a window for officers and marshalls to place them. A big change where people had troops strategically placed and now they are all gone should give some sort of window to replace what was removed.

I’m sorry I missed post 146 of that thread…

I think this needs to be reset.

Panda, your response is disingenuous at best. @pgEcho was responding to your question about the AI bases and had nothing to do with the current situation where shields were disabled and no castle guards existed because they do not exist in the game yet. @pgEcho was stating that if you didn’t want the AI base undefended, you should put primarchs there. But hey. If that’s your argument considering within 30 minutes PG re-engaged the shields because they knew it was screwed up, go for it.

The decision is not up to me, I am just saying that it was stated. By doing so, this could have been avoided is all.

That was for something completely different though. Clearly when @PGEggToken says that they are reverting them back that this was not planned. They were discussing the AI bases which don’t exist since we can’t put Castle Guards on yet. I understand you are going to advocate for your team and I appreciate a little back and forth and trash talk in LC. But if you can’t see the forums as trying to improve the game and point out glitches rather than twist shit completely out of context then I’m not sure it’s worth discussing. Now that the shields are up maybe we should camp out some primarchs in your level 5 land along with NMO so when they are removed and Castle Guards aren’t existing we can just take them. That’s dumb. There should be a window to allow each team to replace the troops that were removed. We can either try and be objectively constructive over the game, or we can be “You are Dread and I’m Royal Road, so we are just going to disagree regardless.” I would like to think on the forums we can be the former.

You take them? You and NMO have trouble even finding where we are…unless it is Sapphire team in level 3 land you seem to get lost. I also appreciate your honestly as even you admit you are incapable of doing anything on your own. This isn’t a war declare btw, just an FYI. You guys have a better chance at winning the next KOTH event than this but knock yourself out.

You would be wrong. Why would I agree with it? Your own teammate said in LC she did the exact same thing so clearly there was some plan to this.

So…you can complain about it…while you’re doing it. Haha…what?

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Whatever then. We reacted by taking a few continents so more teams would complain and force PG to fix it. Until Japaneeeze took something and you guys did, we didn’t take a single castle. We lost level 3 land and took a few level 2. We lost 8 and took 3 is the current numbers. Works out great for you that your team can use an exploit to gain 10K influence. Pan hammer?