PvP shields now?really? There goes last day of atlas season🙄

Ummm why are pvp shields up and breed hasn’t even ended yet? Little early for an update don’t we think???


Same thing I’m wondering literally only 5prizes from finishing the atlas rider and shields are up 4:30 hours b4 breeding is even over , I need compensation or I’m done

Big surprise

@PGWwade @PGEggToken @PGJared @PGLawson @PGNeon @PGSqurl after all the atlas issues and being the last day of atlas season really ??

Atlas dont work anyway so why not


It was working just fine using the primarch finder, some people like myself…were busy this weekend and planned on using the last day to finish up the last couple spaces on my gear…but Nooo you guys decide to put event shields up 24 hours earlier than normal without so much as an. In game mail saying it was coming early. So once again the people get screwed over. Thanks for that btw.

It would not be the best idea for me to speak more than a tiny spec of my mind. And it says are you serious pg

When I want develop and attract new players, I never do acting like this … I think now the beginning of aversion :face_with_thermometer::disappointed:

Gee thanks pg I didnt need that last prize slot anyway…

Just pushed to clear entire multiple lines over the past week… why would I ever want that last few prize boxes.


This game is so unreliable anymore, you cant spend money If you even wanted too :woman_shrugging:

Which I dont and obviously… WONT :grin:

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