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I have notice that durring war events it is common practice of low levals chalenging higher levals with 0 effort. Backed by one or two members doing 80% of all battles. Sugestion is make first dragon attacking have a 15% destroy requirement or 4 flames is the max. Earned .

Might I suggest Controversial mercenary war tactic condoned by PG
as a start to understand what’s been happening on that front?

Um, is anything happening? Although information is often posted out there, many of the threads people are referred to are closed to new comments.

Not that I know of and that thread has been closed for a year. Hopefully just provided for background info?

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Is there an issue if someone does that? If someone can’t defeat a base they’ll swap out to someone who can. Which is perfectly normal. However if the opposing team bring an outside player from an allies team who is much larger then anyone and do this then theres an issue. Had this happen to me a fair few times, its infuriating. almost lost to a team we should have smashed. because they went and brought a lvl 500+ into the team just to do that, just about every run was backed by them. aside from that it just shows that they were not capable of doing something alone. thats my two cents :man_shrugging:

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There have been a couple topics on this Although not exactly what was posted

Same issue of lower level players having a high level player back and do the run. Each topic has been closed because some can’t seem to have a civil conversation.

I wish that something was done over this as it would make wars much more fun if players were attacking their levels and actually having to use strategy to learn to fly their dragons.


I don’t see an issue with that if your team is good and have quite a range of lvls. as long as they are an actual member of that team and not someone who switched in before the was who was comparatively massive to help them win.

Edit: I don’t see why ppl are concerned with this, a lot of the time too its the higher lvl that tells the lower to hit high in war (in my experiences)

What competition is there or learning experience is there having a level 400-500 back a level 60, but to teach them someone else will do it for them?


Coz its not about learning the game but to get ahead of the pack. Seriously look at the spells now, who needs to learn when you can just blast an island with a white spell with large AOE before taking damage. It’s all about getting those sigils to get the season divines coz the regular drags you breed are utterly useless except for uncapping divines and feeding event, which is now scrapped.

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Whats wrong with getting back up? Is the current war system not good enough? i don’t see an issue.

See above about everything that is wrong. No one seems to understand the mechanics of the game anymore it’s about who can be the laziest and do the fastest that they can

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Maby they should start

what exactly do you mean?

It depends on the team really. As a lvl 400 taking a break on a platinum team (was gold) and even before I was a 400 I would often back low level people in war. My condition was they use a hunter and practice cherry picking / sanding / locking down mages while cloaking and such to get as far as they could on a level a bit above theirs.

I did this so they could actually learn to fly. Leaving an early tower to which they have resistance or a perch was also a must. Frankly when PG changed battle chat it made it much more difficult for me to teach and comment while they fly since I can no longer see what’s happening. My request to change battle chat back was ignored.

Anyhow, the point is it depends on the team. I get a lot just rely on the upper level player to do all the work. I won’t back people who swap immediately in war/event or even xp and rss runs.

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My issue is not with someone who is trying to teach them how to do the things you are or even a high level backing per se. It is about high level backing every run and low level players swapping out. This isn’t learning anything except how to let one or two high levels win the war for the whole team. It teaches nothing but laziness and lower level players that they really don’t need to do anything as someone will do it for them.

I encourage team members to always choose a base they can possibly solo and to take a backer just in case. They learn to fly and the whole team participates in the war.

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You are the exception rather than the norm. I also encourage attackers to attempt a base a bit challenging or fun for them, but on the other side all too often I see incoming attacks from level 50s against high 200s and 300s, backed by Harbinger/Vanguards.

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Last three wars our team has had, my base has been hit by level 35-100 with a level 450-500 backing, with a swap out right away. So this seems to be the norm or at least what I have been seeing recently.

It is pure laziness letting higher level players win your battles. What fun is there hitting a level 280 and swapping out and letting someone else finish your attack? Sure didn’t teach the lower player much of anything but that someone else will win their war for them.

Edited to add I don’t know if I should feel insulted that a level 35 took my base with a big back or a compliment that it took a high level player to take out my base.



i would like to see a war event not only be about team numbers and the high levels controlling. even a handicap imposed on backers. a 70 base attacked by a 60-70 and backed by a 200. the 200 would be required to use green or gold dragon. with a limit on attacks three strikes. a team that defends three time uses a lot of defences. and get no reward for their effort, unless the never get 5 flames.

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