PvP. What's left from PG's inventory?

Now that Tug of War and Conquer the World has gone, while KotH has been replaced with Kingdom Wars, what’s left from PvP events?

It’s been a long time since our last Gauntlet, and last PvP events are KW - Pits - KW.
Don’t we need a new, more interesting, PvP?

Dude, you’re just asking for more glitches, bad decisions, and pain from the game and it’s developers.


@OrcaFrost you got it wrong there is no PvP anymore it’s only MCvP. Sad but true.


what does MCvP MEAN

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Mega Coin vs Player


The sheer joy all players have taken in the last few events has given me the idea for Kingdom Feeding, an exciting new event in which you have to farm 15 million points by attacking 2-4 teams repeatedly for a week. Enemy targets give a max of 50K points per hit, but might randomly give 0 if someone else attacks them first. It is strategic because you have to choose between different dialogue responses to post in LC, like “I hate this event” and “I hate everything.” Also, any points you score in other events will be subtracted from your score in this one.


I was thinking MasterCard, but pretty much the same…


:scream: Nooo…
After I spent all my fortune during breeding???


There’s supposed to be another pvp event coming this season. They confirmed that in the live streams before showing off KW

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Have to agree with this one.

PGs latest attempt to add new content, Kingdom Wars, was poorly developed and was not significantly improved when it came around the second time. Not sure if that is the can come up with something good or not.


As long as the game stops freezing my phone everytime I join an attack, I don’t care if it is KOH every 2 weeks.

Just kidding, KOH is the worst pvp ever… And I played Tug of War.

Blasphemy. KOTH was great for personal points due to a bonus meter and the raid function.


I would rather have no PvP event… Let me try whooping Gustav on a most challenging way :pray:


KoTH was a lovely event, and that one with the chain islands - whatever it was called - even though it was the least PvP, but PvB.Way too easy above lvl 100, but still, good points.

Kingdom Wars v1.0: boring and too hard to earn anything
Kingdom Wars v2.0: Too easy to obtain hexes initially and therefore very boring after day 1.

Plus, as you all said: MC in PvP events is like Grinch at the Christmas Dinner.

So I am looking forward to see a new PvP event, even if it brings us a swarm of bugs.

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Dragon Olympics, individual gauntlet to name a few

Maybe in your league.


The team is still working on new events as well as improving others. When we get ready to release any new ones, we will let everyone know.


Glad to know that there will be a new one. Hurray!

Probably in a few years, so don’t hold your breath

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To be honest I meant Kingdom Wars :sweat_smile: Kingdom Wars is the worst event ever. I shouldn’t post while driving :innocent:.

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