PvP. What's left from PG's inventory?


Because wars don’t have an equal start for everyone given that WD is a global game with individuals playing in different time zones. Your suggestion gives an advantage to all of the United States and many parts of Europe. Rest of the world is at a lost.


Lol. You agree and disagree on your own statement. :man_shrugging:

You can also do this during PVP.

I Dont know what is your definition of team work. But team work for me is working on a common goal of the team. It is not always about winning.


Really? How can you be sure of that?


Obviously the timer will be for everyone…but what I’m saying is strip it down to make it simplified… or upgrade their servers so we don’t glitch out… either way something has to change cuz right now it’s broke


I’d like to see a PvE event but one that is completely different. Like maybe the Blackblood bases (or whoever/whatever) have a completely different physical layout to the bases we have to attack every day now.

Looking at the same islands every day gets dull, I’d like something new to fly over


Think the community needs to be careful of what you wish for. What ends up may not be desirable such as the kingdom wars. It kills my desire to grind for event, add in team quest, especially during major event, even worse.


You can’t participate in major events without being on a team. You can, however, participate in minor events without being on a team


You misunderstand. Since some people are asleep when the war starts, people who are awake during then get the biggest benefit.


Not really givin the fact that people are asleep for when events begin anyway


My suggestion wouldn’t be like kingdom wars- not even slightly related to that really. It’s about adding some creative diversity into the game because just moving tower locations on the same map isn’t interesting after awhile.


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