PvPevent fails to disable shield

Not sure where to post this exactly, but…


We just lost a castle, due to the “Atlas pvp disabled” feature not working properly…

(Had an Officer put in a ticket, but thought I’d fwd the issue here, too, just to help speed up things)


On a side note, where do I find out what that wreath symbol means, that comes with the new login rewards? (Tbh, I’m not even sure where the post is, on the new interface changes that came with this event…)

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we also lost a castle because of the sams issue!!! (auto shield not working)
what a mess

Anyone else have this issue? Please post location.


Yea. Right.

One our 5TA teams lost a TON of troops. How are you going to make this right @pgEcho

Same thing happened with us. The shield was closed by itself, and the other team came and conquered the castle when we had no idea :man_facepalming:t2:

We are waiting game Castle log :unamused:

Ticket no: 1489760 :point_left:

This seems to happen to random castles every time pvp shields go up. Last pvp event it happened to two neighbors and they didn’t notice their shield was down until I messaged them and let them know.

If you disable your shield for any reason (we do this for most of our castles bordering NML), you must manually enable them for the PvP shield to come up.


Slightly off-topic, but what’s the benefit of disabling shields on the NML border?

Castle doesn’t bubble, so no cd


Sieger parties are stuck there. In bubble parties, the goal is to bubble fast and protect the siegers from being torn apart while they are stuck there. With no bubble, any sieger with more than 2k troops will be torn apart.


Well, all i know is start of any PVP event, i always go look at all our team castles to make sure that bubbles are up. Why would you trust Pg to do things properly …

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I see. Good to know, thanks!

Someone disabled it n it was never enabled check with who had gov or officers :expressionless: if u want to keep pay attention to the shields n who u give access and make sure they know what there doing

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