PX Phone Support Beta

Hey folks,

We are going to be rolling out a beta test of a new phone support feature to try to improve our customer support abilities. Over the next couple of days, invites will be sent to a small (<500) group of active players whose game language is set to English. If you aren’t sent an invite to this beta, don’t sweat it; this is going to a very small randomized list of players. There is no method to be added to the list at this time.

Some details on this support beta:

  • Right now, we have one agent handling the calls who will be working closely with me.

  • There will be specific hours of the day when calls are taken, and outside of that time, calls will go to voicemail.

  • Only players who receive an invite and register to participate in the beta will be able to speak to an agent over the phone. Anyone else who calls will go to voicemail.

  • All voicemails will be handled as normal tickets unless you are on the beta invite list.

This is a PX-led and run initiative, so we are not diverting resources or engineers from other projects / bugfixing / etc.

What we’re looking to do is make reaching out to PX a more positive experience for everyone involved. We want to make sure that when you reach out to us, you are helped quickly and effectively, and don’t have to deal with a ton of back and forth. Of course this might not succeed, in which case we’ll continue working on other PX initiatives we have going on to improve support.

Also, this feature is not meant to take away from existing PX channels. Those channels will still be supported and maintained fully.


Please discuss more about the PX Phone Support Beta on the Discussion Thread: