QOL Feature: Enter Coordinates

Would it ever be possible to enter coordinates?


Search for an island name or team even.

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That would be nice too. But baby steps.

It’s surprising to me that considering how long Atlas/even Beta has been around, functions like this haven’t been implemented. Would make getting around much, much easier.

Dave seems favorably disposed, so hopefully it’s already on the roadmap as it would make coordination much easier.

This is definitely on our roadmap.


I’ve been flogging this horse literally since beta was first released. Map=coordinates, seemed obvious from the start. And a search feature doesn’t seem like too big of a stretch either. But they’ve been saying it was in the works since beta’s earliest release. What was that, a year ago? Aside from general slowness, manoeverability is Atlas’ biggest weakness, imo. Most players stay in a tightly circumscribed area 100% of the time for both those reasons. It’s too hard to find/reach things, which doesn’t encourage people to strike out much beyond home base.

This is probably too ambitious a suggestion (and slightly off-topic), but maybe there could be some way to implement a sort of in-game database of islands/regions/zones etc, allowing you to select from a list and then either issue orders to go there, or just view. Dragging around the map is so unwieldy. It was a different story when it was just the original 52 beta teams, but now it’s hard to get a big picture, birdseye view of the map and establish a practical sense of direction at all.

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