QoL, I guess: Add a “free” indicator when a free chest is available to claim 🦖

Hey forum friends,
Ever since the new UI design for event pages, the armory icon’s been moved to the upper right corner and I totally forget about it unless I’m going to purposefully claim chests. That means I miss out on the free bronze (and silver, when available) chests that come every day. I think there’s five every day (one every 20 minutes), and that’s 25 chests I tend to miss out on per event (though I remember to claim a few). I think there should be a little indicator to show that you have a new free chest available to claim inside the event screen(s). It’s not a big deal and it’s definitely a low priority thing, but I thought I’d throw this out there because I guess I just love to talk here. Here, I made a picture:

What do you think? :t_rex:


Only if we keep that “free” font.


:rofl: I made that at like 1am last night because I didn’t want to forget nor did I want to post it because I had no brain for words. :t_rex:

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100 % agree with this.

Good idea :grin:

There are fre chests that need to be claimed!? All this time I thought they get added to your total number of chests. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Nope, gotta claim ‘em. :t_rex:


Does it normally show “Free” instead of “Open 1”? So many missed chests! :sob::sob::sob:

Yep, sorry buddy :cold_sweat: :t_rex:

Okie thanks.

Now I’ll go say a silent prayer for the souls of all the chests I ignored for a year… :joy::joy::joy:


Oops :speak_no_evil: :joy:

Is this true? I haven’t opened a bronze in weeks, trying to save. So I’ve lost out on all of those chests? Please say this isn’t so. @Arelyna @PGCrisis

Yup. That’s why I want a “free” indicator so we don’t lose out. :t_rex:

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When the events are live, you get 5 free ones to claim. You go to your chests and click the “free” button and can claim every 20 minutes. I’m astonished you never checked your chests during an event before :thinking: the button is even highlighted in orange color


I’ve been saving chests for a while and looking at the armory every time chips away at my will power to not open them (sometimes they don’t even make it to 10 before I open :rofl::rofl::rofl:). So, I decided to not look at them to avoid temptation. But boo, it made me avoid the freebies as well. :frowning:

You should have seen them still, unless you literally have never looked at your chests during an event in all the time you’ve been playing. That sucks though, but I guess in a year if my math is right it’s under 1500 bronze chests you’ve missed out on. Obviously you’d like to have those, I know, though.

5/day for bronze
1/day for silver

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Might I recommend a different UI to let us know…

Memes aside this is a great idea, I have a terrible memory and hate to think of all the goodies I’ve been losing out on.


Nah I was exaggerating. I have missed out on some in Winter and Spring but I wasn’t saving up during those seasons… Summer is different because it was a deliberate choice to really not go into armory. I might have claimed some but I’m sure most of them were wasted. I didn’t like any of the dragons until Axi.

Well now I know to look at the armory daily. No use crying over spilled milk I guess.

Usually, I open them in batches of 10, as soon as I can. But over last 4 events, I’ve been saving them for this season, and I didn’t notice a difference between the free one and the ones I’ve stockpiled.