QoL - Indicate spelling errors in your posts before publishing

So, I was wondering if there was any way to enable some sort of spelling error notification system in the forums. AKA those red squiggly underlines that show up when you spell something wrong in most of the standard text editing programs (like Microsoft Word, or Pages, or even Google Docs).

The only thing I don’t know about would be if the online dictionary would recognize words from other languages based on what the user has set as their preferred language. I know that I’m personally really bad at spelling, so I need the help of software to help catch my horrible typos. I’m not sure if anyone else thinks such an addition would be a helpful feature for the forums.

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Mine does that already. It may depend on the device you’re using.


Mine does it too! I used on phone and pc, it works on both. I am not sure about in-game forums though.

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Grammarly plugin (free version)

Thank me later :grin:


I don’t see it either in the in game forums or when I use safari. Though maybe it’s because I’m using my iPad? It’s so much more convienent than my laptop. Still, more options would be good.

Especially when you access the forums in game. Half the time I access the forums there. Half the time I use the safari browser on my iPad. Sometimes I access the forums in game and in my browser when I use the multitasking feature to try to find somethign somewhere else when I don’t want to quit the game.

Does it work in game too?

Sadly not, just forums / email etc

Edit: mmm might work in game actually, but not my cup of tea

You don’t need some plugin i think. It works default imo

I am using firefox btw and all Urban dictionary terms are red and i am lazy to change.
UPDATE: Its not working on ipad for me too. ( tried using both chrome and safari ) and it works on Safari in mac without any plugins.

I could get it to work on my iPad Pro… the only issue is that it doesn’t work with the smart cover keyboard. If I want to check the errors, I have to switch to the Grammarly keyboard, unlock the smart cover keyboard, and then check for errors. It also works in the forums accessed from in the game. But it’s a bit of a hassle to do all that with each post lol.

Edit: I had to download the Grammarly Keyboard app first.

Love that app we need to thank @Gox1201 for this awesome keyboard app. I like that
I would be careful with the full access option in settings though ( so maybe only use for game purpose :nerd_face: )

hehe only irritating thing is the occasional email telling you to get premium (which I don’t think is worth it).

But its fairly useful, especially when I’m writing professional correspondence late at night and some things slip in from my gaming lingo :blush:


Grammarly is honestly so great! I think it depends on your browser for sure. Mine comes up with the red squiggles in Chrome.

Most smart mobile devices have it native in their OS and work as long as the app you’re using doesn’t block it. Some browsers like Chrome have it native as well. Like others have mentioned, extensions work really well with this too. Most browsers allow you to either install the extension, and some allow you to turn on spell check

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