QoL - Select all runes to dust

One small QoL change I would like is a way to select all runes to dust them.

It’s quite time consuming to select 500-1000 runes and delete one by one.

This feature would work as it does now we pick all the junk runes and glyphs like this

And then PG add a check box next to “select all runes to salvage”. Checking this box selects all runes and glyphs that have been filtered from the first step

Players then review the list of all selected runes and uncheck anything they want to keep and then press the salvage all button as usual.


Yes please!


I wish there was a better sorting feature.

So you could easily sort by tower type and then just mass delete all ballistae, for example lol.


I’d like a way to deselect what I wanted to keep once the batch was created… Just because I have one rune out of 1000 epic I’d like to keep.

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I agree - I think it should let you unelect the runes you want to keep.

So instead of needing to click on 1,000 runes you select all, review and unselect the 10 or so you want.

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I recently did this … so irritating

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I think we still need the options so you can choose (for instance) unallocated building epic runes then have a select all button. A

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