QOL small improvement

Can we please get a “collect” button on the training dragon and building screen. This would allow for you not to have to go back to your farm and collect food for every dragon level increase or lumber for the building level up. If you have it then it would be just like clicking on the farm or mill you just wouldn’t have to leave the screen to do it! Shouldn’t be hard to code that and it costs PG nothing!!!

Why I would like the fix. Often times I have a bunch of XP saved up on dragon or I have just tiered up and multiple dragons need fed and I have to Go back and forth for no reason. During fort it is annoying to not just keep building from the same towerand have to keep going back to the mill when I could just click one button.




But it may actually be harder than we think and any money paid for the job that doesn’t directly create revenue will always be their cost, so… :sweat_smile:


I like the idea
I would add the option to level up as much as u have food in storage because now we have so many levels to do it will save alot of time