QoL Suggestion: Passage Request Button

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This is purely a Quality of Life request. We have a lot of new Atlas people and people just not paying attention getting stuck on our land. Would it be possible to add a button for “Request Passage” and allow them to add a message? This message could be sent to the officers and leaders of that team (and the gov/Marshal of that stronghold ideally).

“Ahhh damn I’m stuck but just trying to get to X”
“What’s a blockade? Can you help?”

Just a low priority request.


Where would you put the button?

For a moment I worried that enemies might spam Marshals with requests … but I guess if the Marhsal would just deny it and kill the annoying requester :P.

Where the “move now” is grayed out I suppose.

Or when the pop-up message warning you about a blockade comes up, have the following options: “okay, cancel, request passage”

I agree with the spam 100%, I am against this.

I guess in my head it would be equal to sending a message to the player in some way? I get the downside - just trying to figure out a way for newbies to be able to learn how to get around Atlas a little easier

Yeah, it’s true that players could just as easily write a mail to a player. And presumably any players you’ve blocked wouldn’t be able to message the Marshal in this way either.

@TheRedDelilah In the recent survey we posed a question than I’ve been pondering about reducing or even eliminating blockade times. The survey results was almost comical in this question because the player was base was perfectly split amongst all the options :exploding_head: … perfect disagreement lol. I’m still personally leaning in favor of eliminating blockade times or making them very short (a few minutes) … a world with more fluid travel would certainly be more friendly for newcomers (and vets alike), and perhaps lead to more interactions / fun drama / open the doors for marauding/pirating (if we can get the incentives right). Obviously not fully formed just yet …

The issue is that you can’t get mail in Atlas. What I do is open a GC with the player stuck, but a lot of people just go “oh I’m stuck, I’ll log off”.

I responded to that survey, and I’m in favor of keeping blockade times. Perhaps shorten them to 2-3 hours, but if you’re traveling through establish territory, you shouldn’t be able to scout how many troops they have with no consequences (a few minutes simply isn’t enough).

I’m in favor for this idea. So maybe make it an one time deal. If you arrive and want a friendly passage, buzz the door once. I had accidentally killed other friendly teams just because they got stuck in our islands and since I was in atlas, I couldn’t check mail (They actually sent me a mail to ask for passage) because our team was focusing on some ongoing wars in atlas.
So making it buzz once should be ok. It’s like to remind governors/officers/Marshalls about the guy in front of your house. If you don’t like that person to pass, just send other team members to kill off the primach

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What if we formalized alliances, and there was a setting to permit passage for allianced members?

That should reduce the quantity of meaningful requests. And if the pop up instead had more information/instructions, perhaps such a feature wouldn’t be necessary?

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Safe passage can be granted via forts, but if you have lost puppies from different random teams, it doesn’t help that.

Can you not just make a button that flags the officers of that team? The button would have a cooldown of an hour or something… Seems doable to me and i barely know how to charge this dang computer!


I think it would simply be easier for the person needing passage, to look at the team who owns the fort and email an officer that is online to request passage. We been doing that for a year now and it’s been working fine. A blanket email to all the officers would simply be spamn

I still think a better message before plotting across a blockade is probably all that is needed.

I think another thing could be to give the navigation a mode like a GPS, fastest, shortest, safest… default to safest. And if it is intentional that we sent clueless folks across blockades, then i don’t think enabling easier requests would contribute to that purpose.

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I think the button idea is great for quality of life - it should essentially send a request for passage to the officers and marshal.

Or even better, just create a little popup in atlas on the screen showing something like “Passage requests”

This wouldnt be a big issue either, since if you spam the request, the team could simply wipe you out for free glory.

Ingame mail isnt visible in atlas, so thats not the best mechanism.

All round, good suggestion.

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That’s why I suggested make it one time only. Among all the officers/marshalls/governors, there should be at least one with notification on, at least 1 online at a time to check for request :stuck_out_tongue:


I sort of agree with this, but pretty sure our team members will not, every lost sheep comes into our land it’s blood lust full out lol, free GP and rider XP, though not much, but a dollar is still a dollar lol

Well, not all visiting people are enemies :joy:. You can’t just release the hounds whenever you feel like it. So this BUZZER would help tremendously

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Is there a correlation with player level and/or team influence, and the results?

To my mind, this would only favour the higher levels. If I were level 450+, on day one I would load both Primarchs and head straight to the under-protected centre of my opponents land. Without delay, I could move from castle to castle, clearing the fogs of war, until I find a nice ripe one. Since I no longer need to fight my way there, I only need to pick a time when few people are online, to slip past undetected.

Using my Sieger to clear out the garrison, I’d set up infrastructure from Storage, then soak up the Glory on my Taunter while the opposing team comes online, freaks out, and breaks against my Fort Bonus while trying to reclaim their land. If I want to have some real fun, I set up a Portal, and bring my teammates across, 1 troop at first, but they can “Set Home” and claim up to 6,000 troops from the queue.

We could be here for day’s or less, but if we had the Fort, and the Levels, we’d destroy their troops and earn Glory at 4:1(?), then wait a few days to resummon troops, and do it all again.

If there is still time to persuade you @PGDave, Perhaps:
Make Blockade Times based on Garrison Size. That way there is still incentive to Fortify the “Front Line” castles along the Safe Zone boundaries.

Make Blockade Times based on the number of Troops on the incoming Primarch.
1 troop, No delay.
70,000 troops, Max delay.


The idea to make blockade time dependent on troops carried sounds interesting. But I would hesitate to give passage through even to a player with one ship because we do use 1 troop players as scouts. One primarch goes in to scout the base out.

Once numbers are known, the rest can come in with accurate numbers to wipe the base and claim it. If we make the passage for the scouts too easy, then we are opening our doors to potential invasions.

Rather I would suggest bringing back the Passage grant button. It is tedious process to have to enter in the team name each time. Much rather would prefer an on /off button to grant instant passage.

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yes, this QOL request is good if you are keeping blockades.

Currently you get cryptic email, “passage please”, “im stuck, can you let me free” etc. then you have to search your islands and forts for player, then scroll down in the hidden grant passage window, delete a team, make sure u type new team name correctly, then delete them, and re-add the team you had original free passage for.

easier for Officers, is standard request button that emails us, “Player X, requests free passage on Island Y.” with a Grant/Deny button in the mail.

if thats too hard, in the primarch listing on the island, allow us to select enemy primarch and grant passage for one time use.

as far as timing goes, make it a variable. from 0mins to 360 mins. let the team decide if they want to be friendly or grinches. or have a selection of predefined times, 0, 15mins, 60 mins, 120 mins, 360 mins.