QoL Suggestion: Sticky Messages in Team Chat and Group Chats

Super basic suggestion to improve the quality of life for players: let the leader/chat leader create a sticky topic that sticks to the top of chats.

That’s it. Super basic. Would be HELLA helpful.


Can I like this more than once?!

I’m getting so tired of saying “The game is broken, I can’t back you right now.”…


This would also make it easy for PG to send little announcements in addition to in game mail and reach more people! :slight_smile:


Will be better if stickied message cannot be replied.

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I’ve been waiting for someone to say that! That’s an amazing idea! #Redhasanotheramazingidea


So, because of the way that the chats in game work the “sticky chat” would always appear at the very bottom then?

Edit: I know you said at the very top of chats, but unless you meant so that it would always appear at the top of the chat window no matter if you scroll up or down, having the sticky thing appear at the bottom might make more sense?

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Only if we can delete them after reading though😁


Kinda like how they can banner things on the forums, and we can x it and make it go away. I like it!

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A chat topic next to the guild name at the top of all but league chat would be good. Restricted to channel owner or officers, it could be set via command line: /topic There is no war tonight (for example). Or perhaps using a GUI.

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