QoL suggestion: Team List screen

In the Team Meeting Hall, team list tab, it would be really nice if we could select other criteria to display instead of War flames, Medals, and Activity. Even if that functionality were restricted to Leader and Officers, it would still be very helpful.

Something simple like a popup menu with other options to display in each column, like Att Power, Def Power, highest achieved Dragon Tier, etc.

As the team leader I find myself periodically checking some of these things, and being able to select and display them at a glance would be a godsend.

Wasn’t this already suggested?

And squarshed because of privacy concerns players had (me in particular)?

Why would it be a privacy issue when it’s all available under the person’s profile? :thinking:

Now if it was financial info, that would be a privacy issue.

In the other thread i think that it dug into depth such as being able to see a persons egg token count, ruby count, items like that which could possibly suggest transactions had occurred. At least that’s how I see it anyways. I don’t remember the exact thread but if someone finds it…

Ahh, yeah I can see where there would have to be boundaries. I’m just trying to keep from having to go through and check the entire team’s info page to get my stats.

Here, I even made some pics between appointments to help stimulate the creative… umm, juices… at PG.


I think it’s okay as long as all of them is information we can get ingame (atm). More than that, it’s privacy matters.

Nice, yeah that’s not too bad just going for dragon tier.

Attack and defense power may not be the best idea to put on there for a few reasons, comparison of “my base is better than yours” , and attack power changes constantly when you swap your roster around so isn’t truly indicative of your true power (boosted vs non maybe an issue too).

I’m not sure what other suggestions you could put out there, but i do see this being a nice feature most of the time.

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